Bad Idea

It is always a bad idea to pick up an incredibly interesting book when an exam is in the offing. Unfortunately for me, I am always doing so.

I am currently hooked on a very rad book that I need to finish; pronto.

In retrospect, I am always falling into the trap deviously schemed by a non-living thing. Two years ago, I had made the wrong move by reading this 400-paged book that I just could not peel my eyes off, try as I might. And I had the mid-term exam then. I read the book throughout the entire exam week. That was just mad; not to mention utterly stupid. Needless to say, my grades had deteriorated. Not cool.

Now I understand why my mother had hid the three brand-new books I had bought several days before the major exam in the third form. That action was imperative. I trust that it is going to happen again this year when the major exam is here.

Future Justine: Never, I repeat, never get enticed by a book when exams are looming; regardless of how great the story may seem. Just don't do it. Unless you're finally free of exams.

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