Bad Idea

It is always a bad idea to pick up an incredibly interesting book when an exam is in the offing. Unfortunately for me, I am always doing so.

I am currently hooked on a very rad book that I need to finish; pronto.

In retrospect, I am always falling into the trap deviously schemed by a non-living thing. Two years ago, I had made the wrong move by reading this 400-paged book that I just could not peel my eyes off, try as I might. And I had the mid-term exam then. I read the book throughout the entire exam week. That was just mad; not to mention utterly stupid. Needless to say, my grades had deteriorated. Not cool.

Now I understand why my mother had hid the three brand-new books I had bought several days before the major exam in the third form. That action was imperative. I trust that it is going to happen again this year when the major exam is here.

Future Justine: Never, I repeat, never get enticed by a book when exams are looming; regardless of how great the story may seem. Just don't do it. Unless you're finally free of exams.


Overwhelming Subtitles

Something truly ridiculous had me doubling over in fits of laughter today. I was watching a show on TV when the host said, “He broke the world record of...”

That wasn't the funny part. The funny part was the Malay subtitles at the bottom of the screen. I don't usually read subtitles when I watch English shows but for some reason, my eyes decided to avert to the bottom of the TV screen and there it was in Malay, white, bold and clear: Dia telah berjaya pecah CD dunia... Which literally translates in English to: He has successfully broken the world's CD... OK, it may not seem as hilarious in English (literally) but believe me, I was laughing pretty hard when I had read the direct translation in Malay.

This reminds me of another errant subtitle my brother once told me he saw. He, like me, had also watched a show with insensible subtitles that had no relevance to the actual lines whatsoever.

In my brother's case, the actor in the show had been shouting my brother's name which was a character in the show and the subtitles below had been overwhelming rice every time my brother's name was called or mentioned (in the show).

Overwhelming rice? What in the Universe is that? And what sort of language calls overwhelming rice -if there is such a thing- my brother's name? There is nothing overwhelming or rice-like about it at all.

Makes me wonder what my name might horribly translate to in a language no one has ever heard of.


Word Game

Today was yet another day of extreme ennui in school. The only thing my friends and I did in school that was remotely close to productive was a game of anagrams. The words had been affirmative, relationship and discriminate; words with several vowels. We have yet to figure out a word with all the five vowels in it for the game. Like documentaries.

I guess we've found the word.


Not Nothing

I did absolutely nothing in school today. I find it rather odd that the closer the first monthly test is getting, the more the teachers make it a point to be absent from school. After school, I had house practice. Again, I did absolutely nothing.

Thus, I am going to do at least something tonight.


3rd Place Has Never Felt So Good

I got third in the public speaking competition!

It is definitely a far cry from the position I had thought I'd be in when I had joined it unwillingly: last.

So this is a rational explanation for why I had walked up to accept my award and certificate with a look of disbelief and furrowed eyebrows during assembly in school today.

I got third! Praise the Lord! I have a lot of people I owe my gratitude to.


Ceaseless Chess

Today, I had frustratingly observed the game of chess. It was my first time watching a real and live chess game right in front of my eyes. It seems to be an unceasing game. Each player took at least 5 minutes to make the next move. A lot of thinking and (failed) mind-reading were involved. Chess, to me, is the antithesis of checkers, which usually ends in 5 minutes.

I admit that I don't, in fact, know how to play chess. I learnt how to today. I mean, I was briefed about how the pieces move. OK -I still don't really know how to play it yet.

The two players I had watched took up the whole Chess Club meet time and hadn't even finished the game when it was time to go. The game had lasted for over an hour and it wasn't even over.

I was waiting to hear checkmate. It didn't happen. All I heard was check; about 5 times.


Time and Tide Wait For No Man

A pleasant afternoon to the impartial and eminent adjudicators as well as my fellow schoolmates. Today, I will be orating a speech entitled 'Time and Tide Wait For No Man.'

Time. Time treats us in the strangest ways. It sprints with the speed of light during times of joy and fun but moves at a snail's pace during times of pain and agony. Time, as many of us may know, can also help and hurt. Much to the chagrin and dislike of most, time is irreversible. It is always never enough, never waits and can never be bought.

This brings me to an important question: How many of us actually value the time we have? Valuing time is analogous to spending time wisely. Sure, we study or work everyday. We simply live everyday. Needless to say, through the hustle and bustle of life, especially in this new era, we need to set our priorities straight. We need to study. We need to work. We need to earn money to make a living. And in the process, we also need to share and spend time with our loved ones.

There is a saying -no man is an island. It simply means what it says. No human being can live alone. That is why there is such a thing as family, loved ones. We generally think that they will always be there for us. We never think otherwise. In fact, many of us might not even have thought about it. Always the rock of refuge in times of distress, they are always there when we need them. However, time flies and when our loved ones are no longer there, we are left to wallow in complete shock, sadness and self-pity.

So as we go about our lives, rushing to complete assignments, meeting deadlines or getting too caught up in the rat race that is life, it is also imperative that we spend more, if not some, time with our loves ones.

We've seen it happen before, whether it's to someone else or even to ourselves. One minute they're there and the next, they're gone. Vanished from the face of the Earth just like that, leaving us completely devastated. It leaves us in a daze at first and then finally, the loss, pain, anguish and regret set in. We feel perpetual guilt. We regret. Too many things were left unsaid. I should have told her... I should have done this.. I should have.

If only I could just have one more day with my loved ones. One more hug. One more smile. One more wave. One more second. If only. Sad to say, all these dawn on us only when it is too late.

Closest to us now are our grandparents, parents and siblings. These precious people, like time, also treat us in the strangest ways. They are like shadows that linger behind us even when the sun is not up. They are like the old and favourite pillow that we still like and keep despite its shabbiness. They are like that annoying friend who seems to get on our nerves most of the time and yet remains our best friend.

Life, 80% of the time, is hectic. Hectic because of the myriad of tasks we have to complete each day. Hectic because of the lifestyle we lead. Hectic because of the several people we have to please simultaneously. And through it all, we should always halt what we are doing for a while, sit down, have a cup of coffee and smile to the loved one sitting next to us.

Spending time with our loved ones is of utmost importance. There is a time for work. There is a time for school. There is a time for friends. And there should always be a time for family, who is usually last on the list.

Just to give a little peek into my life these days; I am, inevitably, weighed down each day by the multitude of homework, assignments, reports and tasks be it from school or tuition. A lot of work equals a lot of time. This probably explains why I am usually, if not always, cranky whenever I am completing my homework. And so when my mother strides up to my side and expresses her concern, I just give snappy or curt replies . Seldom do I stop what I'm doing and spend some of my precious time with her. I know my parents have always got my best interests at heart. And that is something I always tend to forget. I get worked up. I put them on hold. I take them for granted. It is always something I regret. I am not very proud of that and am trying to change my ways. I don't want to be among the group of people who says, “If only...” or “It's too late now.” or “I should have.”

Change is possible. Change should come. Change must happen. The road to change isn't always tough. Saying yes to your little sister that is in need of your assistance. Giving in to your little brother who hasn't a single clue what he's saying. Obediently completing the chores your mother gave you. Saying goodnight to your father before you sleep. That is change. If you haven't done that yet and want to do it, that is the beginning of change.

I'd like to reiterate that time and tide wait for no man. For instance, do you remember your first day of primary school? Your first day of high school? Before you know it, high school is over and college is looming. Then comes work and marriage. The new family you build next becomes your number one priority. When, then, will we ever have the time for the number one people in our lives -our parents? Caught up with our own young families, it is so easy to put them aside without even realising it. Well, my friends, it is now or never. Don't procrastinate as procrastination is the thief of time.

Don't wait till it's too late as there is no use crying over spilt milk. Don't be afraid of saying 'I love you' to your family members. Don't be exasperated at accompanying your parents out for a family dinner. The priceless times spent with your loved ones are the moments cherished until the end of time. Even the simplest things in life like praying together or sharing an inside joke are some of the best highlights of our lives. We just don't realise it.

Treat each day as your last and live it to the fullest. Say anything you want to say to your loved ones today, not tomorrow for tomorrow may not come. In fact, you and I both know that tomorrow never comes. So take a moment to show our loved ones that we appreciate them for just being there. What's the worst that could happen? Worst case scenario would be them smothering us with strong hugs or sloppy kisses. And we all know how bad that could get. And yet, these are the simple things in life that we long for the most in the future, even more so when they are no longer there. So, appreciate them! That is all I'm saying.

Thank you.

I can't believe I actually spoke in front of (more or less) a thousand people today. There were parts of the speech I wouldn't want to remember. And there were also parts before and after the speech that are worth remembering forever. But I did it. I don't care what ranking I get or what people say or how hideous it was. I did it. And the great thing was, I felt His presence and peace -albeit I was a nervous wreck.


Load On My Shoulders

This is the third consecutive post about the public speaking competition and I apologise.

Today was an unbelievable day. A teacher, who was also a judge for the competition, had asked to speak with me privately in school today. I immediately knew that something was up.

Two fifth formers and two fourth formers of the batch of contestants were chosen to orate the prepared speech tomorrow during assembly; in front of the whole school. This round is the final round -I had thought there was only one round- to cull a school representative for the public speaking competition in the district level.

Even though my instincts are usually right on target, I was completely gob-smacked when the judge/teacher informed me that I was, indeed, one of the two fifth formers who were chosen. To give the speech tomorrow. During assembly. In front of the entire school.

Fortunately, I wasn't too stunned into silence since I was able to tell the judge that I am NOT going to do it tomorrow. The judge went, "You have got the language and substance. Are you very sure you don't want to do it?" She was very kind for not adding stiff, incompetent, wimpy and monotonous into the list. I replied, "Oh yes. I can't."

My initial answer had been a big fat NO. Much to my chagrin, every living soul I had told my decision to reacted in the same way: outbursts of incredulity and anger.

Just when I had thought that it was all over, something even bigger smacks me dab in the face. And I'd be disappointing the people who care -father, cousin, friends, teacher, even the judge. I am glad that they don't want me to do it for the sake of winning (phew!) but for the sake of giving it a shot.

So now I am in a dilemma. Again. To do it or not to do it? That is the question. Which I certainly can't answer and will leave it to God.


Load Off My Shoulders

The public speaking competition was, I hate to admit, quite a rewarding experience. I was a bundle of nerves throughout the day and my friends were also nervous for me. They were so supportive that they had even went to the extent of sneaking into the hall to see me do it. Thankfully, the teacher wasn't in class then or they would've gotten into trouble.

All the public speaking contestants were supposed to draw lots for the first round to determine the contestants' order but I immediately volunteered to go second as another contestant had volunteered to be the first one to present the prepared speech. My goal was to get it over with as soon as I could.

I was pacing non-stop in the hall before my turn was up. There were certain blunders I had made, i.e. swallowing an entire paragraph -though I doubt anyone had noticed- and talking too fast. Once I was done with my prepared speech, I felt like I could continue with my life again.

Then came the second round. I was hoping to get eliminated but it wasn't to my favour. I was chosen to enter the second round which was the impromptu speech along with 5 other contestants. It was completely nerve-wrecking as the question was somewhat a bolt from the blue. We were given 2 minutes to prepare a 3-minute speech. Needless to say, there was a lot of stammering involved when it came to my turn.

I walked out of the competition knowing that I had done my best, realising what phenomenal and great friends I have as well as feeling more overwhelmed as God had been with me through it all and when I needed Him most.

I did it. It's over. I am feeling euphoric.



The public speaking competition is tomorrow and the keyed up butterflies are whizzing and darting all over in the pit of my stomach. I have a strong hunch that they aren't going to stop for rest tomorrow.

I just don't think I can pull it off -by myself. I can, however, do it with God by my side. And by doing it, I mean, being able to at least make it to the end of the speech without having a seizure. Or something equally humiliating. Like several seizures.

I definitely do not want to win and can't anyway. The winner would have to represent the school for the district level which is even more nerve-wrecking than this.

I have received the most ridiculous encouragements from friends and family today. Some were actually helpful but there were some which were utter hogwash. And I truly appreciate their support, nonsensical or not.

Anyway, I'd just like to say in advance that I have already lost. Somehow, that comforting prospect isn't ameliorating the jitters.



My classmates and I did absolutely nothing in school today. For the first half of the school day, every subject teacher (except for Additional Mathematics) didn't enter the class. For the second half of the school day after recess, we had to go to the hall to listen to an oration by a dude from Oxford University -we were (allegedly) informed. The oration was hugely disappointing for too many reasons.

There wasn't any homework from school today.

After school, I had an Additional Mathematics class. There wasn't any homework from that class as well.

This doesn't happen very often. Probably the first and the last time. Today was a great Monday.


Consequential Day

Today was anything but vapid. My whole family woke up quite early this morning to head to the mall. My brother and I were in dire need of new raiment. Most of my pants are ancient and one tore yesterday (when I was at the mall) due to old age. The last time my brother had a new piece of clothing would be 3 years ago. So, now that we're all stocked up, we don't have to get anymore new clothes until, say, 2010. Unless we grow out of it.

Amazingly, my mother didn't purchase a single piece of clothing throughout the whole shopping spree. I think it might have had to do with the fact that she had her hands full culling clothes for my brother and me to even sneak a glance at the clothes she likes.

My brother and I then made our way to the Apple store to check out the incase protective covers for the iPod nano. They are insanely exorbitant. I mean, they're just made out of plastic/silicon/glass and cost more than 3 and 1/2 books! After 30 minutes, we walked out of there without purchasing any protective covers. Also, I never knew my brother was fickle-minded.

Upon reaching home, we found out that there was a power outage. Finally, it came back on in the evening. I spent about an hour and a half typing the public speaking prepared speech but didn't even reach the targeted amount of words -1400. I had only written >1200. Now, I've got to memorise the entire speech. And on Wednesday, I've got to recite it in front of a lot of people. And after that, I'll pass out.


Blast No More

Whenever I am doing math homework at home, I usually need to listen to songs or the radio. It somehow boosts my brain calculator. So what I usually do is create a song playlist on the computer which is located at the nether end of the house and blast the speakers in order for me to be in hearing range of the songs wherever I am in the house. Of course, this perturbs many residents of the house. Namely, my mother.

Well, I am glad to say that I don't have to do that anymore -because I have finally gotten an iPod nano! Two of it arrived in the mail today -one for my brother and the other for yours truly.

I was almost dozing off when my father dropped the boxed package next to me on the bed and that was the end of my near-sleep. It is so new and stark white and free of scratches. Sweet joy!

My brother had wanted to load 1395 songs into his iPod since that was the number of songs he had on his laptop. In the end, he was only kidding and only loaded 3 songs he currently liked listening to.

I think we might have to get an incase protective cover for it before it's covered with indelible marks or scratches; which is a very likely thing.

Today marks the day we relish our new little toy.


Mystifying Methods

My Accounts class today had kicked off with a very confusing start for me. There were new and various methods to make the adjustments to bank statements which I was unable to wrap my head around since I was previously so used to only one method.

Fast forward to 2 hours and 16 exercises later...and I've got the hang of the methods.

I guess this just goes to show that practice makes perfect. Or at least, almost-perfect.


Lovely Day

Today was an eventful day. I went to the mall with 4 other friends for a movie and book-shopping. Jumper was released in theaters today and that was the movie all of us jumped at. (Pardon the pun.)

Since all 5 of us are avid readers, we splendidly spent the whole time at the mall after the movie only at the bookstore. All of us had also left with something book-related.

It is always great to be in a great bookshop with great friends and great books. I had a fantastic time today.

The Valentine's Day this year was much better as compared to the one I had last year when I received a dreadful call that my grandmother (father's mother) had passed away -on Valentine's Day of 2007. It was a really gloomy day. Today would be her first death anniversary. She left at the age of 102. Amazing, huh?


English Made Aberrant

The assembly today at school was rather strange. In conjunction with the English Language Week at school, the whole assembly was conducted in English. Even the Muslim prayer.

In all of the 11 years in middle school and high school, I've never ever heard the Muslim prayer being recited in English. It started off in Arabic as usual and I had a fleeting thought that since they're taking the English Language Week extra seriously this time around, they just might even supplicate the Muslim prayer in English.

And they did -to the astonishment of both the Muslim and non-Muslim students. It was just odd to hear the reciter pray the Muslim prayer in English.

Needless to say, there were collective gasps throughout the assembly area when English words started to blare over the loudspeakers in lieu of the prayer. I'm sure this will be the first of many since the English Language Week is throughout the course of this week and the next. Which reminds me of the public speaking competition. Aye.


Oh Dear!


I will be participating in the school's public speaking competition next Wednesday. Due to extremely undesirable circumstances, I have no other options but to oblige and represent my class for it, nolens volens.

When I went to inform my teacher about my decision in school today, she had to do a double take and ask, "You are??" I replied morosely, "Yes. But unwillingly." Somehow this made her grin from ear to ear. I don't know what she found so funny; maybe it was my obvious discomfort.

So now all I have to do is lose (which isn't hard) and not win (which isn't easy). Piece of cake, right?

Oh dear. I think I've said oh dear about >10 times today. And counting.


Perfect Placement

My mother and I have been enjoying the new teak reclining chair my parents bought last week from the furniture shop. Even though the chair is made entirely out of wood, it is the most comfortable place to be in when I'm reading; or in my mother's case, sleeping. Not only can it recline the whole 90 degrees to form a horizontal pseudo-bed, it is also located in the best spot: In front of the TV (in my parent's bedroom).

Since the chair arrived, my mother has been frequently missing albeit in the house. And without fail, I find her in the same spot each time -the reclining chair, napping.

The same can be said about me as well. But I read instead. Fine, I watch TV, too. There's no escaping that one.


Family Rendezvous

I had an interesting dinner tonight with my father and the rest of his family. I am more attached to and familiar with my mother's side of the family so it was nice to meet my father's side of the family after a lengthy period of time. It was fun to see how my father behaved in front of his family -which was rather candid- and how his family behaved around each other.

As it turns out, my father's side of the family is as wacky and outspoken as my mother's side of the family. Everyone was cracking jokes the whole time.

All of the cousins from my father's side are aged >20 so my brother and I were the youngest of the bunch; excluding a baby. There were 18 of us altogether sitting at one table so we had to eat with our arms riveted to our sides.

I had a great time. The seafood was succulent. The company was entertaining. I wouldn't mind going out for these family gatherings again.


Dream Come (Not) True

I had a bad dream last night. Some parts of it were based on true events. Like the main character in it: A book. The book is the highly-anticipated fourth book of a bestselling series which will be released at 12:01AM on Saturday, August 2, 2008 in the U.S. (These facts are all true, I assure you.)

In my dream, it was already sometime around September 2008 (since the book would probably arrive in Malaysia a month or so later). Since I had been waiting very fervently for it, I hurriedly made my way to the bookshop and purchased said book.

Upon skimming through the book, I realised that the pages were all numbered in the wrong order and that the storyline was jumbled and the book was merely a medley of incoherent dialogues and events. Page 357 came before page 120 and page 67 came after page 584.

So then I quickly dashed back to the bookstore and frantically tried to find another copy of the book which had its pages printed and published in the correct order -but to no avail. All of the copies had the same page-numbering glitch. I wasn't able to read the book in the end.

End of horrible, depressing, atrocious, appalling and morbid nightmare.

It was just heart-wrenchingly painful. Fortunately, it was only a dream. Phew. I think I had even heaved a sigh of relief when I had woken up this afternoon.

Still, I am really hoping that it is not some sort of presentiment. Because that would really suck.


'Healthy' is The Word

The dinner tonight was one like any other night. Except for one colossal exception: My mother had made it. Since this only happens once biennially, tonight's dinner is definitely something to expound on.

It was, to sum it in one word, healthy. To describe it in more than one word: Overly healthy. She had steamed multigrained rice instead of the normal white rice. The dish of vegetables didn't even have a drop of oil. The fish was steamed and completely fresh. It was a very unusual dinner as we are always eating outside food for every meal of every day; which I know isn't always healthy. To consume extremely healthy home-cooked food was a tad too bizarre, seriously. The fact that my mother had made it makes it even more weird -but I mean that in a good way.

The food was so healthy that my brother had even complained, "I should have eaten outside tonight." I believe I only ate 5 or so mouthfuls of the abnormal-tasting rice. I cannot reiterate more about how healthy it was.

It is quite ironic and funny how we respond to healthy home-cooked food and unhealthy outside food. Although I am very grateful to be able to eat good, clean and healthy food cooked by my mother, I think we should stick to outside food. I have a strong hunch that my brother seconds that notion. However, if my mother decides to cook meals from hereon now, well, good for her. I mean, us.


Skirted and Corrected

Today was the first day of Chinese New Year. I had worn a skirt for the first time since...well, since a really long time. (The high school uniform doesn't count.) I felt like I was missing a pants the whole time.

My cousin sister came down to the house for a brief visit, gasped at what I wore, blurted out laughing and watched American Idol with me. We had some preconceived notions about the auditionees who were uppity and full of themselves. We had mentally dismissed them even before they started singing because most of the narcissistic auditionees usually can't belt a note in tune. However, two of them had proved the both of us wrong since they could actually sing pretty well and were cocky. And got through to Hollywood. We both stood corrected. Or rather, sat corrected -and blown away.

This just goes to show that we should never judge a book by its cover; even though 80% of the covers are overly predictable.


Well, Here Goes...

This blog-tag would be a first for me and it is courtesy of my cousin sister. Feel free to do it regardless of who you are.

5 things found in my bag
Schoolbag is the only bag I can think of:
1 - Textbooks
2 - Exercise books
3 - Pencil case
4 - Storybook
5 - Scientific calculator

5 things found in my wallet
1 - Father's business card
2 - Membership Card of Bookshop 1
3 - Membership Card of Bookshop 2
4 - Obsolete Identification Card
5 - Baby, child, preteen and teenage profiles

5 favourite things in my room
1 - The Bible
2 - Storybooks
3 - Bolsters
4 - Storybooks
5 - Dictionary

5 things I've always wanted to do
1 - Write a book
2 - Fly a plane
3 - Experience snow
4 - Walk on the moon
5 - Say, "You're fired."

5 things I'm currently into
1 - The Bible
2 - The storybook I'm currently reading
3 - The word Aiyayayaya
4 - Christmas
5 - The SPM Examination

List out the top 5 presents you wish for
1 - Father's success
2 - Mother's benevolence
3 - Brother's prudence
4 - Christian Devotional Book
5 - Storybooks I can't seem to get my hands on

The person who tagged you is: Owner of entangled
Your 5 impressions of him/her:
1 - A blessing
2 - Sisterly; Cousinly
3 - Selfless
4 - Enigmatic
5 - Amiable

Most memorable thing he/she has given/done to you:
Cherishable self-made Christmas gift in 2007

If he/she becomes my lover, you will:
Very improbable considering she is a family member. And I already, um, well, love, err, her.

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
I accidentally killed a dolphin.

Pass the quiz to 5 people that you wish to know how they feel about you
1 - Anyone
2 - Someone
3 - Anyone? You?
4 - Owner of Chains of Memories
5 - Owner of entangled, ha-ha

Boy, is this time-consuming. Still, it is quite fun to do since I've got a week off of school in conjunction with Chinese New Year. Sweet!


Shower in the Fast Lane

After school today, my mother took me out for lunch while I was still in my school uniform. I was a little bit worried about not making it back home in time to get ready for a Chemistry class. My mother assured me that I needn't worry about it.

Well, I think I had every right to.

Every possible time-delaying event that could occur, occurred. First, all of the waiters/waitresses were too busy to attend to us. Second, our orders had been misconstrued. Third, the waitress had forgotten to pack the leftovers my mother had kindly asked her to; twice. Fourth, my mother had to navigate the truck delivering the new furniture to the house. And fifth, I had about 15 minutes to get ready before my ride from a friend would arrive.

This probably explains why I had to go to the Chemistry class with unkempt and dripping-wet hair as the ride came the minute I had set my foot out of the bathroom. I think I had even washed my hair twice. Or maybe it was my face that I had washed twice.

Conclusion: We must make haste. But shampoo shouldn't be put to waste.

And lunch was surprisingly of great taste. (Ignoring my futile attempt at rhyming, I am actually serious. The food really was sumptuous.)


Test Letdowns

I had two minor tests at school today: Additional Mathematics and History.

I was about 92% prepared for the Add Math paper and 83% prepared for the History paper. I was a tad too eager to sit for both the papers, do my best and get it over with.

However, both papers were a bit of a letdown. I'm not insinuating that the questions were easy. What I meant was that both papers were not done entirely out of 100% effort by my classmates and myself.

In the case of the Add Math paper, the teacher had allowed us to discuss the test questions with a class partner. In fact, I think she had ordered it. That was quite upsetting for me.

For the History paper, however, tips were shooting out of everyone's mouths all day. There were some students from other classes who had sat for it earlier and pointed out the exact pages at which the questions will be asked on. And to my dismay, the tips -or rather, paper leakage- were right on target. Every single question that was asked, we had known earlier.

Wasn't exactly a test anymore, was it? Pfft.


My History of History

History is a subject I completely and undeniably loathe. And even that is an understatement. I've got a History test tomorrow and made myself revise for it yesterday and today. I believe I even yelled out at one point, "Who cares how many hospitals there were in 1895?"

It is always frustrating and painstaking for me to sit down and study History. Especially when there is an enticing book begging to be read; right in front of my eyes.

I am more adept at understanding, not memorising. Unfortunately, History is just a huge chunk of incomprehensible facts. Kind of like Biology. Hence, my act of dropping Biology. If only History is an optional subject.

I vividly remember what my study partner and I did two years ago to prepare for the PMR History paper. We had constantly deluded ourselves by telling ourselves (and each other) that we love History; about 20 times a day. We had also studied for it, of course. I guess the affirmation did pay off in the end because we had managed to snag an A for it. Which still remains as a shock to me till this day.

Anyway, my point is: History is pointless. To me, I mean. And I have a bad memory.

Disclaimer: Sorry, this entry isn't intended to offend any History-loving person.



This is my 100th blog post and I wholeheartedly dedicate this entry to my cousin sister who introduced me to Blogger and cajoled me into clicking that CREATE A BLOG button. Ha-ha.

When I had first started blogging from my very first post, I had a main reason and that reason still remains as the colossal purpose today; with a little add-ons.

Needless to say, blogging has become an addition to my list of most favoured pastimes; standing at number 5 in said list. So, cousin, I have you to thank! Xie xie.


Hilarious Revelation

I had to return home after 3 periods into school today because I had excruciating pangs in my stomach. I suspect it was food poisoning.

So when I got home, my mother saw that I had turned completely pale. She rummaged through the kitchen cabinets and found just the right remedy: Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun. I am not even kidding with the name of that tablet.

Knowing that my mother actually had the pill stocked up in the house all this while was quite a revelation because my brother, cousin sisters and I were having a good laugh at the ridiculous name of it during the Christmas vacation last year. We had thought that it was some kind of pill fraud.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the words Pil Chi Kit Teck- on the seal of the pill! Turns out, it really does work (I think).

And if you think Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun sounds hilarious, it sounds even more hilarious and ridiculous in English: Teck Aun Chi Kit Pills! Really, who comes up with these names?

My brother and I had a really long and good guffaw all day. Moreover, his pronunciation of the name of the pill is flawless and hysterically funny. Not that we actually know how it's pronounced, exactly.