Likes and Lahs

A friend and I have decided to stop using the word like in a superfluous manner and the famous Manglish word lah since last Friday. If and when we inadvertently blurt it, we will record it. Up until now, my friend has used the word like and lah over 30 times. I have said both of the words combined 11 times so far. It is not an easy feat and we have to constantly watch our words. In the end, we speak a little funny and even formal as well as really slow.

It is a sad thing to watch the both of us communicate these days. However, today wasn't as bad as the previous days as we are now able to deliver our messages and sentences without much hesitation or deep thought. And without using the forbidden words...much.

It did pay off though. In English at school today, both of us were called on spontaneously to describe some things. We managed to execute a brief impromptu speech about the topic discussed without using a single like or lah.

That, to me, is quite worth the torment of thinking thoroughly before speaking which we both almost never do at all. This word-restriction is extremely painstaking, but definitely has more pros than cons. Challenging, too.

We have yet to figure out what the penalty should be for when a loser is determined in the near future.

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