Hot and Loving It

I had fantastic dinner tonight. My father had to go down to Malacca for business purposes earlier today and he was thoughtful enough to pack some mouth-watering seafood back for us. The food was extremely spicy and blazing hot and boy was I loving it.

Actually, the food was so hot that my lips were flaming and I had tears brimming at the corner of my eyes. I couldn't even talk even after chugging two glasses of water and flailing my arms around as I paced in the kitchen. It was that hot. And I am one who relishes spicy food. But tonight's dinner was definitely the hottest I've ever eaten. Sweet joy.

Although I was in deep torture from the fiery heat, spices and chillies, I just proceeded eating my food because it was just too good to care about burning tongues and bloody lips. This is what you call psychotic behaviour.

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