The Gandhi Project

I have news consisting of both the good and the bad.

I shall start with the bad news. The Dude with Weak Drop Shots won the Australian Open. This is just the worst news.

Now for the good news: I have managed to complete all of my homework in time for tomorrow. Phew!

One of the assignments my classmates and I had was to watch the 1982 movie Gandhi. Since I was able to download the movie from the Internet, three friends came over to the house and we watched it together. A movie assignment might seem exciting but the movie was anything but. We had to restlessly sit through 3 excruciating hours which were actually 3 years in disguise, seriously. The movie droned on and on and it was never going to end! It did at last. As much as I don't want to admit, I fully understand why it garnered 8 Oscars. Who knew Gandhi was one funny dude with funky fashion statements and hairstyles? In the movie, I mean.

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