Friday Nightmare

It is only the second day of school today and I am completely lethargic. This was how my day went:

7AM-1PM: School;
2PM-4:30PM: BM class;
6PM-9PM: Accounts class.

I am not even making a mountain out of a molehill. Most of my Fridays from this day forth will be as aforementioned. I am too tired to even kvetch about it.

I will be going for a movie outing and book-shopping with two of my good friends at the mall tomorrow -to mark the end of our holiday-freedom as many exams are heading our way soon enough. Yikes.

Thus, much sleep is needed. I'll get right into bed after I've typed a formal letter to my school's Principal; rechecked an Accounts exercise; read a chapter of the Bible and the storybook I'm currently reading; read the Daily Bread; read and understood a BM poem; and prayed.

That says enough about my high school life, doesn't it?

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