A Day for the Books

Phew. My friends have finally left the house. Today was certainly a very fun and enjoyable day.

One friend was late to the mall so we went into the theatre 20 minutes late! Although I don't think we missed too much of the movie.

Post-movie, we hung around the mall. We -I'll group us together on this- bought a movie CD, 3 storybooks, birthday gift for a friend, 2 rolls of book-wrapper, 2 magazines and fast food from McDonald's. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Post-mall, my parents drove us back to my house for even more chillin'. I gave a friend about 70% of my magazine collection. She had to use two large paper bags to fit in the 50 or so magazines.

It was rather weird for us today as we had a little girl-time; if you get what I mean. We tried to make friendship bracelets but there was a little problem with the string used. The bracelets are only half-done. Pretty good for our first time being annoyingly girly.

Just so you know, I am grimacing and cringing as I'm typing this. Nonetheless, I am feeling a tad bubbly for some oafish reason.

Moving on. Besides being at the mall, we spent the rest of the day at my house glancing through magazines and back covers of books, having tiny chit-chats and laughing uncontrollably as well as hysterically. When in good company, laughing is a reflex.

It was a great way to end the school holidays albeit it technically ended on Tuesday.

I have to start tuning in to school and studies from now on. However, I don't think there is anything wrong with having a great time in the process (of studying and schooling) because it is definitely possible. I speak from experience. Heh.

Have a great school year!

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