ByeBye Biology

Today marks the day I semi-officially drop the Biology subject. My decision to drop the subject was made back in June 2007 and I am more than thrilled to finally be able to drop it this year. It is a compulsory subject for all fourth formers in Science Stream. Ergo, I wasn't able to forgo the subject last year as I was in the fourth form. It was terribly torturous for me because I was and am adamant about not pursuing Medicine in the future and yet had to burn the midnight oil heartlessly when the Biology tests rolled around.

I am elated that Biology is optional for fifth formers (i.e. me) in Science Stream. I have handed the formal letter to drop Biology to the subject teacher today and she has given me her approval. Yesss! I only have one more colossal thing to do before it is 100% official: Get the Principal's signature of approval and acknowledgment.

I was able to do whatever I please during Biology class in school today (and from now on). I tuned out of "interaction something living organisms something commensalism something autotrophs something" and daintily immersed myself in my Physics homework. I was truly in seventh heaven. I also got a kick out of answering questions like "How's that spelled?", "What did she say?" and "What does that mean?" with a simple "I don't need to know." Ha-ha.

Nevertheless, I will be excluded from any (possibly interesting) experiments concerning Biology from now on. Fine by me. I have waited too long to not be psyched about the idea and actual act of dropping Biology.

As it turns out, I am the only one in my class who will no longer be pursuing Biology any further. I am in high spirits and nothing can put a damper on it. Except, maybe, the trip to the morgue and the dissection of frogs? Nah...never!

Update on Hamster C: My father caught it when he saw it struggling to enter its cage this morning but to no avail. It was hungry and thirsty but otherwise, perfectly unscathed. I had thought that this would teach my father a lesson. However, his thoughts on the situation were, "I suppose we can now let them out to run around the house since they now know where to return to."


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