Public What?!

During English today, the teacher suddenly called my name. I walked to where she sat in trepidation -as I might have done something wrong that I wasn't aware of.

As it turned out, she had wanted to know if I had submitted an essay entry for the Commonwealth Essay Competition. I hadn't. She asked me why and I explained that I was only informed about it 3 days prior to the day of submission and it would be rather arduous for me to write a >1500-word essay in <3 days.

And then she dropped the bomb. "Why don't you join public speaking then?" she asked. I was completely aghast. You see, my English teacher is someone who is difficult to say no to because she just exudes wrath. And public speaking??? The whole world knows about my phobia of speaking in public. Except her.

I said in the nicest way possible, "I have a terrible fear of speaking in public. And I stammer when there is a large crowd in front of me. I stammer a lot even with 4 people in front of me. I can't do it." Believe it or not, I actually said those exact words. Because sadly, it was true.

And believe it or not, she responded by grinning and saying, "Why don't you give it a shot this year?" To which I could only smile and pretend like I'm not having a seizure. After a few seconds of excruciating silence on my part, she finally said, "Go back and think about it and get back to me on Monday about your decision." I nodded and scrambled back to my seat.

So now I am in this predicament about whether or not I should do it. My parents say I should do it. My friends say I should do it. My conscience says I shouldn't do it. Aye.

The question is: Should I or shouldn't I?


Time Needs to Slow Down

The Accounts class after school today was postponed and it was just as well because I had several tonnes of homework to complete today. I sat down with a huge pile of books and papers on the table and didn't get up until 5 hours later. And I have yet to get a few more assignments done.

My friends and I have started skipping lunch periods for the past few days just to head to the library to complete the accumulating assignments. This is partly because we don't want to procrastinate and also partly because we like having a good night's sleep as opposed to burning the midnight oil...which we inevitably have to do pretty soon.

I am so consumed with all of my classes, school and homework that I tend to get sidetracked and neglect God these days. I am not very proud of that and therefore, I have resorted to surrendering my times into His Hands. Again. And hopefully, I won't falter -again. This year is going to be one bumpy ride for me but I know I can pull through because He lives in me.

Furthermore, I haven't been able to read (storybooks) much of late. It's not the books that I am running short on; it's the time that I'm running out of.

Man. I need some ice-cream. And maybe more time.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6


Toads Ahoy!

For Biology today, the class was conducting the dissection of toads and I was given the green light to join in the fun -or chaos, depending on how you see it- by the teacher even though I am not taking the subject for SPM. So off I went to don the lab coat and rubber gloves. I must say that all of my classmates were as keyed up as I was when we were clad in the very white and clean lab coat.

Of course, a LOT of screaming, shrieking and screeching were part of the dissection. My eardrums were no doubt oscillating at a very high speed as there were screams from almost every direction.

Back to the toads. The group I joined had the largest toad and it was dormant and looked bored the whole time; as if awaiting its death. In remembrance of it, I'd just like to inform that its name was Rudolph-Fred Senior. Yes, we had a lot of free time whilst waiting for the other groups to intoxicate their toads with chloroform.

It was an interesting experience. Squirmy, bloody and gory, too. But it was the closest I'll ever be to a Medical student. To which I have to say, Awesome.

I have to get back to my homework now. I don't even have the time to be lazy these days. I suppose that is a good thing.



It rained today.

And I've got a Chemistry test tomorrow. However, I've only received my study notes back today from a friend who wanted to make a copy of it. I was a bit cranky today. Sad but true.

The title of this entry sums up how I feel in one word (albeit it isn't exactly a word).


The Gandhi Project

I have news consisting of both the good and the bad.

I shall start with the bad news. The Dude with Weak Drop Shots won the Australian Open. This is just the worst news.

Now for the good news: I have managed to complete all of my homework in time for tomorrow. Phew!

One of the assignments my classmates and I had was to watch the 1982 movie Gandhi. Since I was able to download the movie from the Internet, three friends came over to the house and we watched it together. A movie assignment might seem exciting but the movie was anything but. We had to restlessly sit through 3 excruciating hours which were actually 3 years in disguise, seriously. The movie droned on and on and it was never going to end! It did at last. As much as I don't want to admit, I fully understand why it garnered 8 Oscars. Who knew Gandhi was one funny dude with funky fashion statements and hairstyles? In the movie, I mean.


Homework, I (Don't) Love

I've got to do this quick because I have a ton of stuff to do...even if it's almost midnight now. I have been doing my homework for over 4 hours after the school's cross-country today. Then I had to attend a birthday dinner I could not get out of. I've just gotten back. However, I have to resume completing the myriad of assignments because it is close to impossible to get it all done by Monday. I don't know if I can do it. This is, by far, the most homework I've ever gotten in one week with only 2 days to complete them all.

I have a strong hunch that it is not going to get any easier than this. They are really working us hard this year what with the impending doom: The SPM Examinations.


Back-Up Commentator

The semifinals tennis match of the Australian Open between Roger Federer and The Cocky Dude with Two Brothers was broadcasted on cable TV tonight. My father and I were, as always, rooting for Federer who is also the first seeded tennis player in the world. The match was extremely intense and nerve-wrecking because Federer wasn't in the lead almost all of the time.

I even had to play the role of commentator when my father was in the bathroom in his master bedroom because he was feeling so antsy about it and had to constantly know what the score was. I had to keep him updated with statements like Deuce, Advantage -Federer, 6-5 with Federer in the lead and Oh, nooo!!!

It was kind of engaging to commentate but definitely unpleasant to watch because Federer lost in the end. My father was quite devastated and kept muttering to himself what a sad thing it was that he was out of the finals. I suppose all the admonishing he did to the TV screen didn't do much good.

We were both terribly crushed. We are now rooting for newcomer and underdog Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France to bag the title. He seems very promising and actually defeated and put Another Uppity Dude to shame. Hah! Go Tsonga!


Hot and Loving It

I had fantastic dinner tonight. My father had to go down to Malacca for business purposes earlier today and he was thoughtful enough to pack some mouth-watering seafood back for us. The food was extremely spicy and blazing hot and boy was I loving it.

Actually, the food was so hot that my lips were flaming and I had tears brimming at the corner of my eyes. I couldn't even talk even after chugging two glasses of water and flailing my arms around as I paced in the kitchen. It was that hot. And I am one who relishes spicy food. But tonight's dinner was definitely the hottest I've ever eaten. Sweet joy.

Although I was in deep torture from the fiery heat, spices and chillies, I just proceeded eating my food because it was just too good to care about burning tongues and bloody lips. This is what you call psychotic behaviour.


Time's A Wastin'

Today was a public holiday and I did absolutely nothing except watch Brotherhood 2.0 videos by John and Hank Green. My particular favourite is this but generally, all of their videos are awesome.

Anyway, besides neglecting my school-related assignments and non-school-related assignments, I also spent 4 hours watching TV and 2 hours reading a book. It is obvious that I have a problem with making myself useful on holidays.

I think I'll start doing my homework now before they start to excessively pile up by the end of the week.


Mermaid 101

A friend of mine had cleverly invented two jokes today that I think are worth mentioning. She first conceived the idea after asking another friend, "What do you want to be in the future?" and receiving the response, "A mermaid."

Hence, this was how our conversation went when she had blithely unleashed her jokes on me:
Friend: What do they teach you in Mermaid School?
Justine: How to sprout legs.
Friend: No. They teach you how to build sandcastles (in the air).
Justine: Ha. That was good.
Friend: Wait, another one: What do they also teach you in Mermaid School?
Justine: How to delude humans.
Friend: No. They teach you how to withdraw money from the river banks.
Justine: Ha. That was good, too. Where did you get these jokes from?
Friend: Nowhere. I invented them.
Justine: When?
Friend: Today.
Justine: Really? Wow.

I was really impressed. My jokes are usually sarcastic and definitely not witty in the least bit. Which reminds me: I have to tone down my sarcasm a tad. Or maybe more than a tad.


What's So Funny?

During Physics today, the teacher had to use some illustrations to explain something. One of the human illustrations was exactly the diagram on the left. The whole class laughed politely, finding the picture funny. That was it. I, on the other hand, laughed rather hysterically for almost 3 whole minutes. Sure, the picture looked funny but it wasn't that funny. It was common and my artistic skills suck anyway.

However, something came over me and I kept laughing until tears were forming in my eyes. It wasn't about the picture anymore. It was just me erupting into fits of laughter for no reason at all. Everyone around me glanced my way and thought I was completely senile since they had stopped laughing and moved on with the lesson 3 minutes ago. I was nuts. Really. I didn't know why I was laughing so hard.

Then later during recess, a friend did something a tad hilarious. Again, I burst out laughing even though it wasn't over-the-top funny. I can't stop laughing once I start to these days. It's not even funny. (Pun intended.)

Maybe it is because of the accumulating stress I think I'm going through. Or maybe it's because I'm just plain bonkers. You pick.


Uncertain Disclosure

So - as it turns out, the person who was screaming two nights ago was a 10-year-old girl and she was being tortured to death by a madman.

Just kidding.

I am still uncertain about what really went on that night. Both my parents claims that a husband was indeed walloping his wife. And that it is very common and has happened before. And might happen again. Oh. No.

When I woke up this morning, my father asked with a sly grin, "So did you hear any screaming last night? Were you able to sleep?" I still can't tell if that was mockery or genuine concern.

I may be a wimp two nights ago, but I am not one anymore. I mean, I think so. I hope so. Never mind.


Fright Night

The following is an unabridged account of my scariest night in all my 16 and one-third years on Earth and is entirely based on true events.

It was past midnight last night and I was chatting with a friend online about storybooks when I suddenly heard a piercing scream from afar. The computer is in the nether regions of the house and so whatever happens behind the house would be heard by me; loud and clear. I told the friend about what I heard and then dismissed it.

Then I heard it again. Pause. Again. The screams were getting louder and nearer. My heart palpitated. My arm hairs stood on end. Panic coursed through me. The friend tried to calm me down because I was beginning to get paranoid and delirious. The words RAPE DANGER MURDER kept pervading my thoughts and I didn't know what to do except freak out.

When I heard it another two more subsequent times, I bolted to my parents' room and quickly described the situation to my father. (My mother was sound asleep. Although, sound wasn't exactly the right word and is actually the exact opposite -never mind.)

So my father calmly strode to the window, waited for the scream, heard it and nonchalantly said, "A husband's beating up his wife." I wonder why the neighbour we've lived by all this while suddenly decides to beat his wife? And only last night but never before? Because that's not what was happening, that's why! We couldn't interfere with whatever was happening unless we don't mind being dismembered. The only option was to call the cops but the local police aren't what you can call efficient. Plus, it might also be a false alarm.

I was such a wuss through the whole thing that I was even shaking. I must've looked really shaken up, disturbed and pallid because my father had offered to sleep in my room (which is also in the nether regions of the house) while I sleep with my mother in my parents' room. I put on a brave front, laughed (the only other option was to cry which I don't do) and declined. I am, after all, sixteen. But what a chicken I am.

After getting settled into bed, I read the bible and said a long prayer to God. Then, I texted my brother, who was out watching a movie with friends, to warn him about the foreboding shrieks, ask him to be careful and get back early. And then, I plugged my earphones and blasted the radio from my handphone to drown any freakish screams that might recur. Sometime around 1AM, I heard the unmistakable sound of the police siren. It was barely audible so I don't think it was the same place.

Yep. Scaredy-cat. That's me.
Yep. Apathetic. Useless. Slow-thinking. Guilty. Stupid. That's me.

I might have developed a phobia to screams now. I am never one who screams much anyway.

But oh man, this is bad. I hope the girl/lady is OK.

This was the exact fateful conversation that took place last night when I heard the fifth and subsequent screams:

(12:05 AM) JYJJ: oy! you there??
(12:05 AM) JYJJ: need some company here....
(12:06 AM) zehr: i'm here:)
(12:06 AM) zehr: how's it?
(12:06 AM) zehr: any better?
(12:06 AM) zehr: what happened to music?
(12:06 AM) JYJJ: at the moment, silence. but the screams are intermittent. it comes and goes.
(12:06 AM) JYJJ: i dont wanna play anything to attract unnecessary attention
(12:06 AM) JYJJ: i heard it again
(12:06 AM) JYJJ: i have to go
(12:06 AM) JYJJ: my heart is jumping
(12:07 AM) JYJJ: i am terribly scared
(12:07 AM) JYJJ: sorry
(12:07 AM) JYJJ: and again
(12:07 AM) JYJJ: oh man
(12:07 AM) JYJJ: getting nearer
(12:07 AM) JYJJ: sorry. bye

The friend was really trying hard to ameliorate my panic attacks. I think said friend failed. I didn't even have the time to type exclamation marks. But it was a good try. Thanks, appreciate it.


Biennial Occurrence

Since I was half-asleep when I woke up this morning, I accidentally wore my singlet to school inside-out today. Fortunately, it was under the (school uniform) shirt under the pinafore and wasn't visible at all.

After school, I went for my BM class. While the selected students were reading the drama script, my eyelids suddenly became very heavy and I nearly dozed off. I had to arduously force my eyes to stay wide and open since I was sitting in one of the front rows. At one point, I was even seeing two of the teacher.

Completely delusional. These blunders haven't happened to me in a really long time; both the faux pas and fuzzy vision.

I wonder what accidents I will be committing unintentionally next in my subconscious. I hope they will be minor ones and not life-altering ones. Because that would be a problem in the likelihood of it.


Poetic Skills: ±0.5

Learned about acrostic poems in English today. I had never heard of it before but when the teacher gave an example, I knew what it was. I just never knew it was called an acrostic poem. Predictably, she asked us to create one about anyone but myself. The product:

Laughter is her best medicine,
Yawning seems to be her vice,
Drawing is what makes her, her,
Indolence gets the best out of her,
Art is love personified for her.

So as you can tell, an acrostic poem is a poem created by using the alphabets of one's name to form a sentence/phrase/description.

I was being honest, by the way. That is exactly how she is. She seemed to use any negative adjectives in existence to describe me. Really. Thank you.


Poetic Skills: 0

Yesterday, my teacher had assigned us to create a BM poem consisting of 4 lines at least. I am bad enough with writing English poems, much less in another language. This was what I came up with:

Pergi ke Kampung Terik,
Untuk mengunjungi Mak Wati;
Jika hendak berbuat baik,
Biarlah berasal dari hati.

I am extremely grateful that my teacher didn't make me recite mine aloud in class because it will most definitely be the butt of everyone's jokes. OK, maybe not. But a 7-year-old kid could do better than me since the above poem lacks depth, coherence and originality as well as defies several pantun rules. Oh well.


The Unbelievably Long Walk

For sports practice today, my fellow housemates (of the Green House, Ruth) and I were required to walk and familiarise ourselves with the route for the school's cross-country next Saturday. For the past four years, we have been using the same route. This year, however, they have decided to change and elongate the trail as well as omit all shortcuts.

I had expected it to be a very long walk when I had heard the new plans. I was very wrong. The walk was extremely, unbelievably, aggravatingly, crazily, inexplicably long.

We made our way through the 7km road track; toiling under the scorching sun and braving the unrelenting 30-something degrees of heat. I do not believe that I am exaggerating something this serious.

Whining, groaning, stomping, seething, moaning, grumbling and heaving were inevitably part of the grueling exercise.

We took more than an hour to finish the pseudo-marathon and I had the persistent urge to cannonball into a swimming pool the whole time. Unfortunately, there were none in sight.

I was crawling and groveling towards the finishing line; in dire need of water, water and a swimming pool. Completely exhausted and dehydrated, I jogged a little towards my water bottle. That was the only thing I did that was close to running.

What we did today was nothing compared to what we are supposed to do on the actual day -which is running. That is both physical and mental torture for me.

When I think about the one more gruesome time I need to do this again, I don't think at all. It is too painful to bear.


Likes and Lahs

A friend and I have decided to stop using the word like in a superfluous manner and the famous Manglish word lah since last Friday. If and when we inadvertently blurt it, we will record it. Up until now, my friend has used the word like and lah over 30 times. I have said both of the words combined 11 times so far. It is not an easy feat and we have to constantly watch our words. In the end, we speak a little funny and even formal as well as really slow.

It is a sad thing to watch the both of us communicate these days. However, today wasn't as bad as the previous days as we are now able to deliver our messages and sentences without much hesitation or deep thought. And without using the forbidden words...much.

It did pay off though. In English at school today, both of us were called on spontaneously to describe some things. We managed to execute a brief impromptu speech about the topic discussed without using a single like or lah.

That, to me, is quite worth the torment of thinking thoroughly before speaking which we both almost never do at all. This word-restriction is extremely painstaking, but definitely has more pros than cons. Challenging, too.

We have yet to figure out what the penalty should be for when a loser is determined in the near future.


Church Marathon

For Sunday School lessons this year, both the Chinese and English Fifth Form classes are located at a wooden building that isn't in the church vicinity but belongs to the church. Before today, I didn't even know that the building exists. We have to walk the furthest and out of church to get to the wooden house/shack that resembles a movie set of The Amityville Horror. It is pretty eerie and claustrophobic inside. However, it is airy (almost), has good lighting (kind of) and entails exercise.

The church is located up on the hill and it is not much of a problem to walk downwards to where the house is. Walking upwards back to the church, however, is an entirely different story. The road from the house to the church is quite steep and even after reaching the church, I have to continue walking a little further upwards to the peak of the hill where my father usually waits for me in the car. Needless to say, I was panting slightly when I finally reached the car earlier today.

I don't mean to kvetch but this is going to take some getting used to.

Even though Sunday School lessons last year were held in the church building which required little walking, was a fully air-conditioned place and was complemented with comfortable surroundings, I am thankful that Sunday School lessons for us can resume this year and even with the same phenomenal teacher at that.


Co-curricular Indecisions

Went for co-curricular activities at school today. Joined the Chess Club even though I don't know how to play chess. Yet. Joined Rangers even though I'm an introvert.

Every club/association/game I join is against my better judgment. However, Christian Union is a club I wholeheartedly intend to join. Moreover, I am the Prayer Coordinator of 2008. I am honoured to be selected for said post. However, I have a huge problem with speaking in public. That is a problem I'm going to have to surmount since I have to lead prayer meetings and devotions throughout year 2008. Dear oh dear.


I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.


ByeBye Biology

Today marks the day I semi-officially drop the Biology subject. My decision to drop the subject was made back in June 2007 and I am more than thrilled to finally be able to drop it this year. It is a compulsory subject for all fourth formers in Science Stream. Ergo, I wasn't able to forgo the subject last year as I was in the fourth form. It was terribly torturous for me because I was and am adamant about not pursuing Medicine in the future and yet had to burn the midnight oil heartlessly when the Biology tests rolled around.

I am elated that Biology is optional for fifth formers (i.e. me) in Science Stream. I have handed the formal letter to drop Biology to the subject teacher today and she has given me her approval. Yesss! I only have one more colossal thing to do before it is 100% official: Get the Principal's signature of approval and acknowledgment.

I was able to do whatever I please during Biology class in school today (and from now on). I tuned out of "interaction something living organisms something commensalism something autotrophs something" and daintily immersed myself in my Physics homework. I was truly in seventh heaven. I also got a kick out of answering questions like "How's that spelled?", "What did she say?" and "What does that mean?" with a simple "I don't need to know." Ha-ha.

Nevertheless, I will be excluded from any (possibly interesting) experiments concerning Biology from now on. Fine by me. I have waited too long to not be psyched about the idea and actual act of dropping Biology.

As it turns out, I am the only one in my class who will no longer be pursuing Biology any further. I am in high spirits and nothing can put a damper on it. Except, maybe, the trip to the morgue and the dissection of frogs? Nah...never!

Update on Hamster C: My father caught it when he saw it struggling to enter its cage this morning but to no avail. It was hungry and thirsty but otherwise, perfectly unscathed. I had thought that this would teach my father a lesson. However, his thoughts on the situation were, "I suppose we can now let them out to run around the house since they now know where to return to."



MISSING: Hamster C

My mother is officially 53! Yesterday, I had asked her how old she was going to be for confirmation. When she answered '53', I enthused, "Still young!" And I wasn't kidding or being sardonic, seriously. Both my parents are extremely youthful for their age; not only at heart but in mind and body as well. She doesn't read my blog -or any other blogs, for that matter- but I just want to give a shout-out just in case the people-who-might-get-back-to-my-mother reads this which is quite unlikely. Happy 53rd Birthday, Mommy! It seems like you're turning 35, not 53. Continue to walk in God's Light and cast your times into His Hands. Stay strong and God bless!

On a more pressing note, a surprising turn of events has placed my family in a bit of a predicament. A hamster had managed to escape its cage late last night. I had thought that I was hallucinating when I saw it out of its cage. When I did a double take, it disappeared somewhere behind the boxes in the computer/store room. I bolted to my parents' bedroom and woke my father up since he is the sole 'parent' to the hamsters. He managed to catch the tiny dwarf hamster but was instantly heartbroken when he saw that one of the four hamsters had died. In fact, it was not only dead but was also deformed and scrawny. It looked like a piece of fluff and unlike a hamster at all. Tragic. A moment of silence to lament, please.

And back. I warned my father to do something to prevent the same hamster from escaping its cage again but nooo, he was sure that it wouldn't reoccur.

Guess what happened this morning? One hamster (possibly the same one) was missing from the cage...for the second time! How that little dude managed to squeeze its way through the sturdy metal bars is beyond me. Anyway, the hamster is still MISSING. It must be scampering somewhere in the house and all of us have to be extra cautious about where and how hard our feet land on the ground and constantly be on the lookout. My brother is convinced that the hamster is residing somewhere in his squalid room. I seem to think that it is in my room.

In case you were wondering, my brother named the four hamsters Hamster A, Hamster B, Hamster C and Hamster D. They all look alike so none of us can tell them apart. I'm assuming the one that passed away was Hamster D and the one that is AWOL is Hamster C. It is also easier that way for the 2 docile hamsters to be named Hamster A and Hamster B, don't you think so?

On another note, I learned some interesting facts about waves during the Physics class today. It is definitely one of my favourite subjects.



Today was overall a great day.

It was great as I didn't have any classes after school and had some free time to myself.

It was great because a friend and I talked through some preconceived notions and many misunderstandings were clarified. It is great to know the truth and what a true friend I have.

It was great because my family and I went for dinner at a pub-like restaurant for exotic and exquisite German food in celebration of my mother's birthday which is tomorrow. Although tomorrow is a public holiday (though not 'mainly' because it is her birthday) I have Physics and English classes to attend and therefore, will not be able to join them for dinner. So we decided to carry the dinner forward to today.

It was great because I was able to start reading a book I've been meaning to read but couldn't as I was reading another book. It took eons for me to finish said book.

It was great because a friend did me the kind favour of scanning and then printing me a copy of her Optimus Prime masterpiece drawing...which I will post up here in due time.

It was great because my friends and I played a game of anagrams that still hasn't ended. Hundreds of words can be formed from the word schizophrenia.

It was great because it just was. Seriously.


The Gush-Worthy Work of an Artist

Yesterday, I had an off-colour day and was a little peaky. Today, on the other hand, was an entirely different day.

A good friend of mine who is also the classmate who sits beside me in class presented me with a drawing she drew just for me today. It is exactly as I had wanted: An excellent black and white cartoon drawing of SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends. I'd post the brilliant art piece here; if only my scanner still works. I'll figure out a way because her artistic skills is a definite must-see. I'm not merely saying this because I have to but truly, it is superb.

She also drew Optimus Prime of Transformers on a dare from her brother. That piece of art is ultimately a masterpiece. Everyone who sees it can't help but agree. Nay, I saw it before the pencil shadings and had gaped for a whole ten seconds. The finishing product was of pure intelligence and definitely mind-boggling. This, I kid you not. In fact, this was the exact one she drew, only in black and white. It is just wowing, I tell you, wowing! (I'm not even sure if that is a word, but it proves my point.)

I have to figure out a way to publish her aforementioned works here. Sooner or later, hopefully.

Thanks for SpongeBob, art whiz!

On a side note, my schoolmates and I received the 2007 school yearbook today. To my dismay, the published entry I sent in last year had several typos. Some of the sentences have evolved to become incoherent. Nevertheless, I am glad at least one of the two entries I sent in got published. I think the other one was omitted for its exceptional length of >1300 words. I completely understand if that's the case. If that wasn't the case, I understand as well...though not completely. Just kidding.


A Non-Lesson to Remember

Today, I learned something that I can't really call a lesson. I know that good deeds don't always get repaid by other acts of kindness or even gratitude. I also know that the person whose needs you've placed before your own can end up emotionally hurting you in return. What I didn't know was how much that hurt. I found out today though. It isn't a nice feeling. Moreover, the fact that the one inflicting (emotional) pain is someone close doesn't do much to ameliorate the situation.

Someone later advised me to be self-centered and selfish in the future to avoid this from reoccurring. I want to agree with that person but I can't. This is because when an act of kindness is appreciated or even acknowledged, it is the best feeling in the world. People can turn around and stab you in the back. Sad but true. Nonetheless, it is never an excuse to be abrasive to the world or said people. Forgive and forget. That's the way I roll. Heh.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I am completely out of sorts today. I think I need more sleep. So do my father and brother as they are both down with flu.

Please excuse me while I complete my 4 linear graphs.


Good News & Bad News

I will be having the same Sunday School teacher as I had last year. What a delight! I learned a lot about God, His Word and life through her last year and I am truly thankful to still have the privilege of receiving her guidance this year. All of the fifth forms of the English class were also overjoyed upon receiving this good news.

During lunch today, I inadvertently swallowed a fish bone. This is not a first. But this doesn't mean I shouldn't be careful the next time I chow down fish meat.


A Day for the Books

Phew. My friends have finally left the house. Today was certainly a very fun and enjoyable day.

One friend was late to the mall so we went into the theatre 20 minutes late! Although I don't think we missed too much of the movie.

Post-movie, we hung around the mall. We -I'll group us together on this- bought a movie CD, 3 storybooks, birthday gift for a friend, 2 rolls of book-wrapper, 2 magazines and fast food from McDonald's. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Post-mall, my parents drove us back to my house for even more chillin'. I gave a friend about 70% of my magazine collection. She had to use two large paper bags to fit in the 50 or so magazines.

It was rather weird for us today as we had a little girl-time; if you get what I mean. We tried to make friendship bracelets but there was a little problem with the string used. The bracelets are only half-done. Pretty good for our first time being annoyingly girly.

Just so you know, I am grimacing and cringing as I'm typing this. Nonetheless, I am feeling a tad bubbly for some oafish reason.

Moving on. Besides being at the mall, we spent the rest of the day at my house glancing through magazines and back covers of books, having tiny chit-chats and laughing uncontrollably as well as hysterically. When in good company, laughing is a reflex.

It was a great way to end the school holidays albeit it technically ended on Tuesday.

I have to start tuning in to school and studies from now on. However, I don't think there is anything wrong with having a great time in the process (of studying and schooling) because it is definitely possible. I speak from experience. Heh.

Have a great school year!


Friday Nightmare

It is only the second day of school today and I am completely lethargic. This was how my day went:

7AM-1PM: School;
2PM-4:30PM: BM class;
6PM-9PM: Accounts class.

I am not even making a mountain out of a molehill. Most of my Fridays from this day forth will be as aforementioned. I am too tired to even kvetch about it.

I will be going for a movie outing and book-shopping with two of my good friends at the mall tomorrow -to mark the end of our holiday-freedom as many exams are heading our way soon enough. Yikes.

Thus, much sleep is needed. I'll get right into bed after I've typed a formal letter to my school's Principal; rechecked an Accounts exercise; read a chapter of the Bible and the storybook I'm currently reading; read the Daily Bread; read and understood a BM poem; and prayed.

That says enough about my high school life, doesn't it?


Last First Day of School; Year 2008

Today was the first day of my last school year. At the assembly area, my fellow fifth form schoolmates and I were segregated into classes based on our academic performance in 2007. I managed to get into the first class where all the smartypants are in. Sweet! I am elated since all the pro teachers are teaching the class. However, I am also disconcerted as the competition is bound to be very stiff. I don't enjoy competing and the stress that comes with it. Nonetheless, all of my good mates (except a tiny few) are in the same class as I am so I don't have any complaints about that.

All the teachers were hard on us -for a first school day. There was no orientation or getting-acquainted-with-each-other. Every teacher that came into class lay ground rules; some even gave us assignments in the process.

Reversing back to post-assembly. My friends and I were schlepping when everyone else was sprinting to class. This probably explains why we had to take the front and center seats (for the rest of the whole school year) as the rest were already occupied. Every cloud has a silver lining and I see this as an advantage because we don't have to squint at the board, are forbidden from sleeping, eating or any other offense in class and are forced to pay attention. This will help a lot in our (major) exam preparations, I am sure of that. I am also sure that they will beat me to a pulp if I actually mouth those words aloud to them.

There were a lot of changes at my school: New awning, newly-renovated washroom, new canteen operators, new food choices. I will probably stumble upon a few more in the future.

I went to my room at 10PM last night in a futile attempt to sleep early. I only slept around 1:30AM. Needless to say, I pressed the snooze button when my alarm rang this morning. It is definitely my vice.

Anyway, I have some homework to complete.


A Little Honesty

As much as I hate to admit this, I can't deny the fact that I miss:-
a) school;
b) the exams;
c) homework;
d) burning the candles at both ends;
e) having a hectic daily schedule;
f) schoolmates, of course.

I foresee that I will greatly regret stating the aforementioned two weeks into school and would desperately want to recant it. Oh, well. I'll live...I hope.

I still have a couple of tasks to complete before school begins tomorrow.


Aloha 2007; Aloha 2008

The countdown to 2008 last night was, to put it in the nicest way possible, quite pathetic.

For 4 years in a row now, my family and my father's business partners' families will travel all the way up to the highlands for New Year's countdown. It has now become completely monotonous and unceremonious to us.

However, I was able to spend my last minutes of 2007 and first minutes of 2008 with my family; that had suffice for me.

All morning, we (my family) kept saying to each other things like You wore that last year, You ate that last year and You saw that last year when last year actually referred to yesterday, which was still 2007. My brain calendar was still attuned to 2007 so I had to constantly think twice about what they were saying.

Anyway, my brother got a haircut today. A new hairstyle for a new year! And it's just as well that he got it cut; his hair was about as long as mine!

My father is suddenly driving like an F1 driver; full of spunk and moxie. It is rather life-threatening. My brother was cautioning that he (my brother) had better take control of the wheel since my father was swerving, drifting and overtaking in such a fierce manner. I think his inner youth is kicking in.

My mother bought a substantial amount of women's magazines at a book and magazine sale; more than what I bought. I hope she reads them this time and not skim through a few pages.

My first food of 2008 was Fish and Chips from Manhattan's Fish Market. Just thought that I should mention that for no reason whatsoever.

I have quite a number of things to do before school begins on Thursday. I shall get right to it now.