Two Happy Occasions

Besides today being New Year's Eve, it is also my cousin sister's 12th birthday! I don't know if you call having been born on the last day of the year fortunate or unfortunate but I think it is rather fortunate. She gets to celebrate her birthday with a whole new year after living through an entire year. How cool is that?

She holds the remote to life. Just kidding. It's merely a TV remote...or is it?

She will be entering her first year of high school when school reopens this Thursday. I predict that she will be a great high-schooler. Feel free to drop by her blog as it would only take a mere 3 seconds to read it.

She is the nicest person I will probably ever know and no one shall mess with her. No one. Nada. Nil. Zip.

This is how innocent she is:

Yes. She is doodling in her notebook on a plane.

I'll stop the blathering now. This post is especially dedicated to the birthday girl.

To Christa: Selamat Hari Jadi Ke-12! And to sister of Christa: You've got a phenomenal sister there!

Oh and by the way, Happy New Year 2008 to all! May God bless you with a memorable year ahead with ups and downs, lefts and rights. Ha-ha.

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elisa. said...

"And to sister of Christa: You've got a phenomenal sister there!"
thank you. (: