Somewhat Eventful Day

Last night, I listened to the same song on the computer for hours on end and it drove my mother up the wall. She actually marched up to me after hearing the song for about the umpteenth time and demurred, "That song is driving me crazy! Stop playing it." I lowered the volume.

Today, I played it repeatedly for more than 3 hours. My mother wasn't home.

A friend dropped by the house to borrow some Physics notes. I chatted with my cousin sister online through MSN Messenger for several hours. I think I speak for the both of us when I surmise that we're bored out of our minds.

My cousin sister asked me to take a True Friend Test -in my case, it's True Cousin Test. I obtained a 70% while her sister (also my cousin sister) scored a perfect 100%. Oh, well. At least I passed even though I haven't been sitting for tests for some time now.

The ice-creams have all been eaten now. I have to admit that I ate 3 out of 6. Moreover, most of it were chocolate-flavoured. Furthermore, my parents aren't fans of dairy products. And my obtuse brother wasn't even aware that there were ice-creams in the freezer until I took one out and gave it to him.

National television will be airing the movie Elf later tonight. I am definitely going to sit back and enjoy it since I can use some laughter today.

My cousin sister has just revamped her blog. Very nice.


elisa. said...

your cousin sister just revamp her bloggie..ooo..haha it's nice. XD

Justine said...

I was referring to YOU! Yeah, it's nicer now. Just in time for Christmas.

elisa. said...

yea..didn't realize it though until my junior told me.

Justine said...

Your junior told you about?

elisa. said...

ohh..that me changing my blog colour is just in time for christmas. XD