Pressure x 11

Today was a public holiday here in conjunction with the state Sultan's birthday. I got the opportunity to watch the original Jaws movie for the first time today. My parents have both watched it -my mother was still terrified of watching it; my father was spoiling every suspenseful scene.

I am starting to get the hang of Accounts and am actually enjoying the given exercises. The book I am currently reading is the closest to a classic; it was first published in 1982, the text font is very small and the pages are yellowed. My mother has brought the Elvis CD into the car! The only song I was able to bear with was A Little Less Conversation.

A friend who attended the Open Day of the college I plan to get in to informed me that one would only get a full scholarship if one obtains a minimum of 11A's for the major exam next year, SPM. The main subjects which are compulsory are only 5. Art Stream and Science Stream kids will take an additional 5 to amount to 10 subjects -which is common. After having 10 subjects on my plate, I am nutty enough to pursue an additional 2 to amount to 12 subjects. Luckily, I will be dropping Biology next year so I'll have only 11 subjects to juggle then and all I need to do is score straight A's for all the eleven subjects. No pressure, right?

Oh. Dear.


thebrain said...

hi dear,

also remember to get a scholarship u need to be a all rounder. meaning your co-curricular also has to be well balanced wth your studies.... don stress yourself out. wat important is u know how much effort u have invested.

mini me lene

Justine said...

You got another blog?? I totally forgot about co-curricular activities. Great. I suck at sports. Aiyoo... Thanks, Lene, for your words of wisdom! I'll try not to stress myself out.

joann said...

im not an all rounder ..
u can try applying for my type justine..super easy to get..seriously.

Justine said...

Really? But you were very active at taekwando, no? What's your type? JPA scholarship? Or chemical engineering? There are many bright kids in my form, so...pretty difficult.

joann said...

haha..yeah..come to think about it..a bit active la..how u know btw?
yup..engineering to japan.
not many apply for this scholarship..so its kinda easy...but now i dont know..i think now many more are applying for this..all the best..you're smart too !!dont give up!

Justine said...

I've heard some very harsh and bad comments about the JPA scholarship these days...so a little bit apprehensive about it. (Probably won't even get it at all, to begin with.) I know because I'm a psychic! Haha, just kidding. I remembered watching you (back in 2004) do a flying kick and split the cucumber in two on Sports Day. (Good memory, eh?) I kinda like engineering and the Japanese language. Hmmm... (Psst, Lene's other blog that's pretty vulgar: http://puggerlicious.blogspot.com/)