Penultimate Day of 2007

I have learned with disgrace from past experiences to never set a goal too high lest it may not be achieved. I can't remember the year I first started making New Year's resolutions. What I can remember, however, is the fact that I never seem to be able to stick to any New Year's resolution. Ergo, I must follow the next batch of resolutions as it is high time I do so.

Justine's 2008 New Year's Resolutions:

0 - Change at least one person's life through God. (It would be a blessing to be able to do so.)
1 - Finish the bible in a year instead of two years. (Heh.)
2 - Obtain 11As in my SPM examination. (This is what you can refer to as Do or die.)
3 - Study regularly as opposed to the day before an exam starts. (Again. Do or die.)
4 - Cultivate healthy eating habits (Read: Eat more vegetables and fruits) and maintain it.
5 - Inculcate and cultivate environmentally friendly habits. (I think Mother Earth is quite incensed with our destructive antics.)

I know zero is not really a number but I have my doubts about its possibility though I will (try to) remain optimistic. Even if it does happen, I mightn't know it. Nonetheless, I hope it does happen even if I don't know it. It'll be like a invisible impact...or not.

Regardless, all the best with sticking to your New Year's Resolutions of 2008! I'm pretty sure you'd do a better job than I probably will.

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