The Thing with Geniuses

The following is a post regarding geniuses and nothing but geniuses. So please bear with me.

Today, I took the liberty of finding out who the most famous geniuses in history are -or rather, were. In my opinion, there were more geniuses then (just look at the picture profiles) but more prodigies now. There is a slight difference between the two. You probably know this but I am neither.

From the search results, I found out that a substantial amount of geniuses and multimillionaires were school drop-outs. It is also said from here: Up to half of all North Americans with a genius IQ (140 or higher) never graduate high school. Huh. In fact, most geniuses have non-genius-like traits; e.g. Einstein.

The conclusion I draw from what I've read is this: Most geniuses were school drop-outs. Geniuses weren't born genius. There is a thin line between sanity and insanity for geniuses. Most geniuses have genius-defying antics. Geniuses have weird hairstyles. Brain size may or may not affect a person's intelligence; countless theories on this one. The term 'IQ' stands for 'Intelligence Quotient'.

Disclaimer: Dropping out of school does not ensure that one will be a genius, I repeat, dropping out of school does not make one a genius. I would think that is a rather stupid notion but you never know it with geniuses. They appear stupid on the outside but in truth, they have a genius aptitude brewing inside.

Pretty ingenious, huh?

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