I Did What?

I completed my Chemistry holiday homework today even though it consists of only 13 questions. And that's not only it. I also did an essay (out of FIVE) for my BM holiday homework.

It may not sound like a big deal but it is if you're a sixteen-year-old teenage girl named Justine -which you're not. It is a huge deal because I actually made the effort to extract my homework from the file, sit down, put on my thinking cap and finish it. The colossal fact that I usually never do even a single beneficial thing during the school holidays makes it an even bigger deal.

I also sat down and cut 11 circles of various colours from coloured papers. That was as far as my terrible artistic skills took me. I didn't even achieve my goal of making one measly greeting card. And what exactly can you do with 11 circles? Apparently, I wasn't having my thinking cap on while I was "crafting". People like me should be kept away from anything arty. I ruin everything.

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