The Haps That Made My Day

Received an email reply from one of my favourite authors. It was a bolt from the blue and I had to re-read it several times to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. I smiled through the rest of the day for no apparent reason.

A friend of my mother's dropped by the house to give us a box of ice-creams. Nice lady, that one. I grinned even more.

An extremely rare event took place today. I tried in vain to suppress a gape when I walked into the kitchen and saw my brother eating his dinner. By the table. In the kitchen. Not an everyday occurrence since the places my brother ever goes to besides his room are the bathroom and out the front door.

We had a trifling sibling chat about food. He deemed me crazy for not trying a voluta, some sort of shell stuffing. After dinner, he pleaded for me to wash his dinner plate with the excuse, “You're going to be a housewife someday and you should start practicing now.” I rolled my eyes at this but washed his plate anyway out of courtesy.

Apart from my Accounts class in the morning, the most part of the day was spent on grinning and reading. Also, I found out that my father is a vanilla-ice-cream kind of person, like my mother. All this while, I had thought that he was like me. So now I'm the only chocolate-ice-cream kind of person in the family. You can guess what kind my brother is.

Book 2 -finito. Moving on to Book 3.


elisa. said...

ooohhh..haha so you can have all the chocolate ice creamss..nobody's gonna fight with you. haha i like his excuse..anyway,what he said is kinda true..just that washing the dishes doesn't need a lot of practice,right? not like there's a test to it..and not like you're gonna get married tomorrow. XD

Justine said...

Exactly, exactly and exactly!