Dinner's on Me

Last night, I COOKED dinner for my family. Alright, not my whole family; just my brother and myself. My mother was out and my father was on a diet, as he says, "Food cannot tempt me." So the only people who needed to be fed were my brother and me. I made instant noddles, or as we call it, Maggi -the only food I can prepare besides oats, unfortunately- which we both love eating. When my mother makes it, that is.

I used the microwave instead of the normal method which was through a pot and the stove because there is more to wash after dinner, is (or maybe it's was now) off-limits for my brother and me and...I don't know how to use it. There, I said it. The reasons behind this is due to the fact that my mother never taught me (and, believe it, brother) how, my mother doesn't cook at all in the first place and I didn't ask to learn how the stove functions. Plus, the stove (and most other cooking appliances) is hardly ever used because every meal -besides breakfast which is oats- is either eaten outside or take-out. So you can't really blame me...where was I?

Right. The outcome.

My father took a bite off my plate of instant noodles -though he wasn't tempted as he just wanted to see how it tasted. After a few chews, he enthused, "Mmm... Delicious!" Now, I didn't know if he was being sarcastic or truthful. Never mind that.

When I had finished cooking the food for my brother, I handed it to him and he thanked me. Luckily. Or I'd have taken it away. OK, I wouldn't. But I'd demand at least a sign of gratitude from him though this wasn't needed. Later, I asked how the food was. I was expecting: "Too rubbery" or "Yuck" or "Don't ever so much as try to cook again" or "That was inedible and I have a stomach ache now" or the like. So imagine my astonishment when he said, "It was okay. Nice, actually."

Hmm. Maybe my father wasn't being cynical when he had complimented me on the succulent, appetising, mouthwatering, enticing -

Forget it.


elisa. said...

cook me some noodles. xD

Justine said...

Patience. I will...sometime. Haha.

elisa. said...

oo..really? i'll be waiting..