Book Transition and Boredom Overload

Alright. Now that I'm over my bizarre 2-day food-related-pictures bout, I can start blogging again. I am reading my first ever adult book! It chronicles the continuation of the life of the main character of the book I've just finished reading; fastforwarded 10 years later so he is a grown-up in the book now.

My first attempt at reading an adult book was back when I was 12, a very inappropriate and unripe age. I had quit at page twenty-something. I have yet to finish reading it.

However, I think I can manage to complete this particular book this time because the book is the sequel (or prequel, I'm not sure) to a teenage fiction I had relished reading. I am hoping that it doesn't contain anything (too) explicit or vulgar because these elements are toxic for my brain.

Just to describe the enormity of the boredom my cousin sister is undergoing: She googled my full name and came across some miscellaneous.

And the severity of my boredom? I uploaded two pictures on my blog which is an extremely rare thing for me to do.

Oh, and I decided to sign up for MySpace -the American Friendster, in my opinion- today. Apparently, I am already a member of it -since December 2006. Huh. I forgot what my password is but managed to get it right in the end. Currently friendless but I hope this isn't permanent.

The holidays don't do much good when it last over a very long period of time. Sometimes, I yearn for school and exams; but only seldom. I long for holidays most when it is coming to an end. Satiric, no?

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