My Day in 3 Words: Shop. Food. Movie.

My mother and I were too bored at home so we went to the mall today. I was able to buy Christmas presents for my brother and father. However, I didn't manage to get one for my mother since she was right there beside me. The only time she wasn't by my side was when I was in the bookshop.

These were several nearly-insightful ideas from friends when I had a dilemma on my brother's gift:
- T-shirt (definite no-no)
- Bake a cake (it would either be inedible or poisonous)
- A smack in the head (suggested by a friend, seconded by another and was, by far, the best idea)
- CD holder (he'd chuck it aside)
- cheese (this was my idea since he loves cheese but food isn't a good gift, especially cheese)

Lucky for him, I got him none of the above.

Today was another uneventful day. The highlight of it would be the food I ate today. Oh, it was finger licking good -both lunch and dinner. I also managed to catch the trailer of the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian which will be released in theaters next year. Looks promising.


elisa. said...

did you just post these 5 words up here so that curious people like me would ask? =)

Justine said...

In defense of elisa.: I was trying something out and posted only 5 words without a title. Then I edited it and re-typed what I was supposed to post. In lieu of that, elisa. posted a comment. So she isn't crazy...just in case.

And the 5 words were: Are you sure about it.

elisa. said...

haha.. thank you justine. yes,i ain't crazy.

Justine said...

Really sorry for the confusion! No, you are not. Definitely not. Nope. But if you're wondering why the 5 words I picked were that, I really haven't a clue. It's random and wasn't for keeps sake. ;)