What A Wack Day

I bought two new storybooks today and am currently on cloud nine. However, I couldn't use my book voucher since it was a different bookstore. Still, nothing can wipe the perpetual smile off my face.

I had a great time with my cousins at the new but hideously boring mall. I was horrified when I couldn't find the name of any bookshop on the directory. Fortunately, my cousin found it and it was located on the highest floor. We zoomed there instantly. Or rather, I zoomed there instantly.

After spending hours at the bookstore, we (my two cousin sisters and I) rounded the floors of the mall while my cousin brother tailed behind us. I felt sympathetic for him since he had to endure our crazy behaviour and rantings. I am truly sorry for my terrible demeanour, i.e. staying at the bookshop for an eternity. I really have to cut down on the time I spend at bookstores; I think it's driving people crazy sometimes.

The 10 of us (dad, extended family and I) had dinner at a seafood restaurant. Every dish that arrived was to my distaste, unfortunately. And it seemed like the best dish of the night for me was vege. Imagine, vege! My most abhorred food is vegetables (and fruits) -explanation here. Thankfully, in the end, my wonderful aunt ordered 2 more dishes which were finger licking good. The bill amounted to RM600. Yes, let's gape together. There was one dish which costs RM200 and tasted like rubber. It is an aquatic being called geoduck. I have my suspicions about its edibility.

It is close to midnight and I have a 5-hours Bahasa Malaysia language class tomorrow -no! My mother will also be arriving back from overseas tomorrow -yes! My brother will be having his semester examination next week -no comment.


Danny said...

Geoducks are a big business where I live. Actually, the geoduck you ate was probably harvested in my hometown, Shelton, WA. I have never tried one though.

Justine said...

Oh. It costs a fortune over here. And it doesn't exactly taste edible. But maybe that is how it's supposed to taste like. You should try one bite. And stop if you feel like gagging afterwards.