The Struggle of Two Siblings

Yesterday was a bad day. I nearly went senile. Nearly.

My house couldn't get access to the Internet. My brother, the biggest computer addict, called our neighbour who is also our cousin brother to check if he could use the Internet. He couldn't as well.

When my parents came back from the mall, my mother wanted to use the Internet to pay the bills. So the three of us needed the Internet desperately.

These were what happened throughout the Internet-deprived day:
1. My brother the hermit actually came out of his room. Shocking!
2. My brother went to bathe without someone actually telling him to do it. Double shocker there!
3. I laughed non-stop and became rather hysterical. The only other option was to cry.
4. My brother remarked, "Can't live without the Internet, can ya? Can ya?"
5. I text messaged my cousin sister on the handphone to inquire if she could use the Internet. She could and she wasn't even using it when I asked.
6. I wrote, typed and edited five short fictitious stories.
7. I went to the living room, the TV room, my bedroom, the computer room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the hall in less than a minute.
8. I finished all of my homework. Well, three-quarters of it.
9. I argued with my brother because he asked me to call the Internet people and I said I didn't have their number and he said go get it and I said I'd have to surf the Internet to get their number to tell them that the Internet's down and I also added that we're not making any sense and we ended up doubling over in fits of laughter.
10. I realised how addicted I am to the Internet. Nooo!!! Wait. Or am I addicted to blogging? Since one of the main reasons I wanted the Internet was so that I could blog. Still, noooooo!!!!!!

The day got even worse when my considerate English teacher texted me about a Penguin book sale that is held ONCE every FIVE years. She planned to go to it and invited me since I, you know, like reading. However, I had to decline since I have to attend my English and Accounts classes today.

Oh man.

Let me say it again: oh man.

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