She and I

This whole week seems like Cousin Week since I have been going for family outings nearly everyday and I got to spend more time with my cousins. My cousin sister and I were chatting online yesterday and we decided to just dedicate a post to each other. So, this is for you, cousin!

A 16-year-old girl who is struggling with big love and adolescent issues, my cousin sister is a very cheerful and amiable person. She is 18 days older than me and adores the pleasant things in life like colourful ribbons, glass bottles, clover leaves, etc -the list is endless. My cousin sister has a weird penchant for dolphins even though I have told her that dolphins suffocate if they go into a full deep sleep and thus have to let one half of their brain sleep -true fact. There is one main reason (Read: A Boy) as to why she is obsessed with dolphins but I won't go into the details if I still want my head attached to my body.

Said cousin sister is my best confidant -besides my mother- since she is a girl, family, my peer and understands me well. She is also forced to accept my nutty self along with my bizarre package (my erratic traits, e.g. diverting everything we talk about to books 24-7) since blood is thicker than water. (Haha, sorry!) I think she is quite a fragile person (as opposed to me) but I wouldn't be surprised if she has an inner valour.

We both bear a very striking resemblance from the back of our heads. Moreover, we both have black hair, same height, same pair of shoes and same blouse in the same colour and pattern; yes, it's all true. Her mother even joked once that we might end up liking the same boy one day. Well, if that ever happens -it's a really big IF- I'll let her have said boy-that-might-not-even-exist and be happy; not that it'll ever happen. Truly, I'm not joking. My happiness is out of the question. (See? This is sacrifice! Again, IF it happens.)

However, there are distinct differences between us. E.g.: She has to cope with boys and/or friends problems, I cope with unclassified problems; she loves biology, I love physics; she loves poetry, I love fiction; she is very social, I am barely social; she loves vege and fruits, I don't; she isn't forced to eat vege and fruits, I am.

She is unsuspectingly fond of fairytales (here's the proof). I don't know for sure if there are happy endings in life, but I do know that there is a happy ending after life: Heaven.

Furthermore, some of her friends think we're both (twin) sisters and her real sister is the cousin though I am actually the cousin and they're the sisters.

My cousin sister is a wonderful person with a big heart and any boy (one in particular, ahem) who fails to see that is undeniably clueless. If I have one advice to give my cousin sister, it would be: Stay the way you are (character-wise, I'm not asking you to stop growing) and continue to trust God in everything you do! He knows best.

Anyway, I do thank God each day (not really every day, but occasionally) for you in my life -my confidant, my friend, my family, my cousin sister.

Don't go mushy on me because I kind of feel a little squirmy right now. This is a one-time thing, you hear me? One-time thing!

Dedicated to my extraordinary cousin sister by Justine. I meant everything I typed.

P/S: At least it's not about my brother albeit one tiny post.
PP/S: Click here for twin blog post with the same title regarding yours truly.


elisA elyssa said...

i didn't like dolphins because of that clueless boy. me liking dolphins and liking him is another thing. thx for your post. I'm so touched. I read it over and over again. haha thank you for everything there. and didn't know you understand me that much. xD cousins,aren't we?

elisA elyssa said...

that clueless blur blur lost boy!

Justine said...

We are definitely related! Oh, I know things you don't know. Ya know, what with my senses and all. You are welcome and thank you for your post to me as well! :)