A Series of Unfortunate Events

As the title of this post insinuates, a litany of unusual events occurred today. As I was halfway through The Cleaning of my books and magazines this morning, my mother wanted to go to the mall so I halted the book-clearance -which I'll continue tomorrow, I hope- and got a shower before we left.

However, we never arrived there because there was a strike at the Indian temple, somewhere near my church area. There were an ambulance, the police and an airborne helicopter hovering very close to the ground. I was pretty freaked out since my mother told me that there was probably a mass fight going on. All plans for the mall flew out the window and my mother steered the car around, heading back to the other side of town which was safer. Traffic was at a standstill so we had to use a route I'd never been on before.

A friend later told me that the people on strike were carrying ice cubes (possibly large ones) to smash cars that passed by. Phew! Praise God we managed to get out of there unscathed! And un-iced.

My father met us for lunch. Whilst we were eating, a small boy that looked around 10-years-old or so flew past us; he was running at breakneck speed. He was chased in hot pursuit by three other men clad in the same T-shirt with the same logo. One of them was clutching a long wooden stick. The first thought that came to my mind was: Poor boy, he must've shoplifted a little food out of starvation. They should let him go out of mercy.

But it could not be any further from the truth. The boy was actually a bicycle-kidnapper. He has been stealing bikes for some time now (this explains why a friend's bike went missing two weeks ago) and the shopkeepers were waiting for the right time to catch him red-handed. I think they failed to catch the young perpetrator since after a few minutes, I saw them climb into a car and speed down the road.

My mother was apprehensive for the boy's welfare -the wooden stick was without a doubt to whack him. I have no comment about this. Except that the boy is adept at running and picking locks. And that he should also receive retribution.

If you are wondering where my brother was during all these bizarre events, he was sleeping at home in his room, oblivious to the mishaps going on in the world.

At the end of the day, I'm glad we didn't go to the mall. Moreover, I'm glad I don't cycle nor own a bike. Furthermore, I'm glad I don't know the depths of politics since this country's political state is deteriorating -there have been two strikes/demonstrations...so far; elections are around the corner.

Not-so-recent but unnerving Malaysian news: Police barged into a schooling boy's home to confiscate his belongings and throw him in jail because he mentioned something about injustice that was indecent. There is no freedom of speech here. The boy now has to put his studies on hold for I-don't-know-how-long. And the Malaysian dude residing in Taiwan who mocked the government in a rap video clip? He's not allowed to return here; ever. I'm not even going to comment on any of these.

However, I'm not afraid to say that, well, to say that I'm afraid. For fugitivity, I'm thinking of Australia. Just kidding. Maybe Canada. OK, just kidding!

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