Semi Computer Addict

It's official. I'm a semi computer addict; apart from my usual addiction: books. Noooo. How did I get this far? I am slowly following my brother's footsteps and this is a bad sign. He never shuts his laptop off and always sleeps late but wakes up early to use his laptop. How he manages to maintain his distinctions and high distinctions in university is beyond me.

How did I find out that I'm a half computer addict? I realised a while ago when I was using the computer and it was raining outside. The drift is that there were clothes hung outside and my mother specifically told me to collect it if it was raining. It was raining and I was still chatting with my friends on MSN messenger, oblivious. Finally, the cleaner next door screamed for me and I quickly ran back and forth to collect the not completely soaked clothes. I am thankful that my mother hasn't slit my throat. Yet.

Also, the first thing I do everyday when I get back from school is: turn on the computer. But I am not as bad as my brother since I actually shut my computer off and get enough rest.

Still. I refuse to let it control my life and daily routines. I refuse, I refuse.

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