My Body Ache, Words of Wisdom and Peculiar Trait

I had a 5-hours class today. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable since I had to endure sitting on a chair with limited movement because there were seats for about 150 students but about 200 students showed up so the whole place was congested and crammed. My limbs were burning and aching by the end of the class. It still is. Ow.

I went to a friend's house for a Deepavali dinner celebration. The curry was spicy and hot. Yum! After that, I followed my parents for an extended family dinner at a steamboat restaurant in a mall. Since I was stuffed from the dinner at my friend's house, I stayed at the bookshop and browsed through some books. As I was on my way to another bookshop, I bumped into my cousin brother and aunt. I accompanied them for their dinner and only drank water. Yum. Also, I gave my cousin brother some words of wisdom. Or that's what I think it was. It was probably just mumbling to him.

A promoter at the mall approached and persuaded me to sign up for their credit card line. I am still underage to own one so I must have looked mature or older than my age. I prefer to think of myself as the former.

I just realised that I have a weird trait about doing what I'm thinking instead of doing what I'm supposed to do. For example, I entered the bathroom this evening to wash my face but somehow I was thinking about teeth. Yes, teeth -I have no idea why. And I ended up brushing my teeth instead of washing my face. I was halfway through it when what I was doing hit me and I blurted out laughing. It was not a good move since there was still toothpaste in my mouth. I sputtered.

Another incident was the time when I texted my cousin sister on my handphone. The subject I was typing about was my father; something about him being on his way to pick me up to pick my cousin to go somewhere. I ended up sending the message to my father instead of my cousin sister and had to resend it to my cousin sister as well as apologise to my father for the confusion. There wasn't any mockery involved, I assure you. The same thing happened with another friend.

I fear that I will do something terribly wrong someday.

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