Mission Accomplished

I am finally done with my book clearance. It took me 3 days (2 days of procrastination and 1 day of actually doing it). Phew.

As I was rearranging my books, I saw some books I forgot I had because it had been too long.

Some prominent books that have been collecting dust:
1 - The Story of Tracy Beaker. This book scarred me for several years in my childhood days and I hate the author as much as I hate Shakespeare. It is because exactly on page 13, there is the sentence (quote): Things I don't like - the name Justine. Most of all I hate Justine. That Monster Gorilla. I mean, really. It was probably one of my first few books when I was a little girl and it received many good reviews while I seem to think otherwise. I was only ten-years-old or so then.
2 - The Book of 1000 Poems. My mother bought me this book when I was in middle school. I don't think I ever read it.
3 - Some very crappy books I bought out of bad decision-making. I had to force myself to finish them.
4 - Enid Blyton hardback books.
5 - God's Girls! Devotions and Activities for Ages 9-12. I glanced through the pages and saw some very illogical stuff I'd written when I was an illogical kid. I had to fill in several blanks about what I'd like to become and what someone else gave me in return when I gave him/her something. The answer to the first question was (what I wrote): I'd like to become a singer or a pianoist for God. and the second, I gave my friend a bookmark and she gave me a soft, unporky, spiky hair toy that was so cute. Pianoist? Unporky?
6 - Adult books I bought when I was a preteen and have never touched until now. I'll read them in the future.
7 - Rugrats Go Wild, a novelisation. This is probably the best-looking book cover. What can be better than the bottom abdomen of a baby in diapers?
8 - Some of the best books I've ever read.
9 - Classics I never laid a finger on: Romeo and Juliet, Empire of The Sun, Pride and Prejudice, Othello and The Secret Garden.
10 - Books I want to burn to ashes or rip to shreds because they are just downright vulgar/blasphemy/nonsensical.

Furthermore, I dug out 9 bookmarks from 9 books. This means I've read 9 books halfway and haven't finished them. I'll try to finish them during this holidays.


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Justine said...

Er... What???? Never mind.