Malacca, Me No Like

I am currently on a 3-days vacation with my family, my cousin's family and my aunt and uncle from Australia. The vacation spot? Malacca. This is probably my umpteenth time coming here and I'd have bawled my eyes out if it weren't for my cousins' company. Ever since I was a kid, my family would come here thrice a year and this place has become my nightmare since it is extremely boring and despicable to me now. So my cousins being here would definitely alleviate my boredom.

There are 9 of us altogether and there are only 7 beds altogether in the hotel room. So two people would have to sleep on the couches. My brother and I volunteered since there was Disney Channel on TV and we can watch it for hours on end. However, it was futile that I even tried to have a good sleep since my mother and my aunts were having a long chit chat on the other couch close to mine. I could hear every word and my mind wouldn't sleep. My biggest mistake was not bringing my ear plugs and eye mask/patch for sleeping purposes. I'll remember that next time.

In the end, my brother and I ended up sleeping on the beds in the room whilst my parents slept on the couches.

I woke up early this morning. I'm usually not a morning person but this is what Malacca does to me. See why I hate it so much?

Anyway, we're waiting for everyone to get out of bed, bathe and change so we can leave for lunch and then head to the mall! It's not that I'm excited about going to a mall I've been to countless times; I merely can't wait to get my hands on a new storybook to peruse!

I hear people eating and talking as well as a Disney Channel advertisement. Gotta go.


elisA elyssa said...

it was okayy,wasn't it?
umm..at least we ate lots and lots of sambal for 3 days straight.

Justine said...

Yep, it was okay. More than okay, actually. Thanks to you guys! Hehe. But just this once, unfortunately. ;(