I Had A Bad Lunch Day

I had the worst lunch ever today and I am not even exaggerating. It wasn't exactly lunch. It was more like a drink; a horrid one. It tasted as bad as it looked.

I am always skeptic about the drinks my mother makes which are supposedly good for my body. The one I was forced to drink today was good for my brain; according to her. I don't know if this is true but she's standing her ground.

It looked and tasted like mud. I took nearly 25 minutes to finish the thick, grotesque and solidifying grime filled to the brim of the cup. It was so terrible I almost ralphed at one point. I would never subject this kind of torture to anyone; not even my bete noire.

After 20 minutes of downing three quarters of the chemical substance, my mother came into the kitchen with an almost gleeful look and asked if I still wanted lunch. My stomach was exploding by then. I said no. Speaking of chemicals, I learned something trivial during my Chemistry class today. Laughing gas actually does exist (I always thought it was merely used as a joke) and can actually make people laugh depending on how much a person inhales it and is actually called nitrous oxide.

Back to the mud drink as I call it; I think my brother feels as strongly as I do about this form of torment; if not more. Compared to this, vege is my Most Favourite Food. So it was that revolting. But we know she means well and does this for our own good.

If only she drank it as much as we are forced to.


elisA elyssa said...

if I'm not mistaken,my mum asked me and my sis to drink the same thing as the one your mum gave you guys. and guess what? we drink it every morning before we go to school. xD

Justine said...

Yeah, but I'm sure your mother didn't add a combination of FOUR OR MORE chemicals into the drink. Anyway, ew.

elisA elyssa said...

yes..she did. 4 of them. all in bottles right? with a white coloured scoop. xD

Justine said...

Argh! That's the one! How can you stand drinking it? My brother and I are always sighing when my mom makes it for us. We're being ungrateful, aren't we? But it tastes really bad.