A High School Affair

I spent almost half of the day in school today wondering if people could actually die of boredom. The other half was spent on eating McDonald's, conversing with friends and playing Jonkey -Joker in replacement of Donkey since nobody brought Donkey cards. Also, I finished my storybook (superb book, supremely superb) in school today and almost dozed off in school if it weren't for my friends screaming, "She pinched my ear!" and "Give me that!" and "Aiiieee!"

My friends were playing card games I've never even heard of -Speed, Cheat, Black Jack (OK, I know this one but they weren't playing the actual one. And I don't gamble.). The only card game I could play was Jonkey (combination of Joker+Donkey). I lost in the first game. Not surprising. And I won in the second game. Surprisingly. Besides Donkey, the other three card games I know how to play are UNO, Happy Family and Goldfish. They weren't playing any of the three aforementioned. Obviously. These card games must have been introduced and played during medieval times.

My friend performed a magic card trick and she got me twice. I am slow at grasping the technique behind it even though I observed her every time she did it. My other friend figured it out after watching her do it twice. And then only did I figure it out. Thanks to my friend's explanation; not my great observational skills.

And if you're wondering why my classmates and I were allowed to play cards in school, it's because today is the second last day of school for year 2007 and the teachers were not teaching anymore; they allowed us to bring educational games -I don't know if cards are in said category. Moreover, we were too bored.


Joann said...

ooo....school holiday starts soon???wah..good for u!!
my exam starts in a week and a half
..enjoy yourself k..
another year passes by so quickly..
to your question about how japan's treating me..check this out when you're free,
used to have it privatised b4 this,but then i recently unprivatised it..lol

Justine said...

All the best in your exam! Yeah, pretty soon SPM will be here! Terrifying! Alright, I'll go check it out. Thanks!

Danny said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, I consider it an honor, seriously. My only question is how you found it in the first place? Also, I enjoy reading your blog. Very entertaining, infomative, smart, complex, and unique. Oh yes, no fair school holiday starts soon!

Justine said...

You're welcome and thank you, too! I found it while scouring through Blogger. I had too much free time on my hands then. I'm glad I found yours. And thanks for the compliments. I think yours is exactly the same and even better. Yep, school holidays have already begun over here!