Doubt Much?

I doubt. A lot. About everything.

I've just finished my Accounts homework and I have a story about my doubts to convey.

My knowledge on the subject Accounts sucks; both literally and hypothetically. So while I was doing my homework given by my accounts teacher, I decided to use a pencil instead of a pen (using pen is mandatory for any work done). I was afraid that I'd make ample amount of mistakes and would have to do a double job. So I decided to use a pencil to do it, and then erase it and use a pen when everything was done correctly.

Expecting lots of mistakes, I was dismally surprised and a little pissed to find that I didn't make a single mistake. Literally. I was impressed with myself, truly. I am always bad when it comes to Accounts.

So then I erased the pencil work and wrote over it with a pen. Sure, I was over the moon about doing a flawless Accounts homework for the first time; and probably the only time. But I was doing a double job. Pfft!

Aren't doubt and vigilance pretty much the same? Being extra-cautious sometimes seems doubtful. Though I think that I am the latter. Or the former? I'm not really sure. I'm doubting now.

OK, I'm the latter: doubtful. No doubt about it. (Haha. Pun intended!)


Danny said...

Could you explain what Accounts homework is? Then maybe I can understand its suckiness.

Justine said...

Accounts is actually accounting (only we call it a shorter word) but is adapted for high school. Though I'm learning the basics, it is the complete opposite of math -which I like- though we have to do some counting and we have to do ledgers, journals, cash books, documents, know which columns are for assets or liabilities, etc. The accounts must be balanced after each exercise or I have to do the whole thing again. Worse, it is taught in my second language: Malay.

This subject is actually optional but I'm forcing myself to take it up since I want to pursue Business in the future. It is pure torment.