Damsel in Distress

I went to the mall with two of my friends to catch a movie today. The movie is an enchanting fairytale about an enchanting princess who finally got an enchanting happily ever after called (see it coming?) Enchanted.

Christmas is in the offing and the Christmas spirit is slowly befalling; the malls have started playing Christmas carols, shops are decorated with Christmas ornaments, everyone's being nice (not entirely true). It feels good. I feel the happiest when Christmas rolls around because everything about it is...enchanting. It is also in celebration of Jesus' ____th birthday. It truly is a joyous occasion. The next best thing about it would be the snow if it were actually snowing here. Sadly, Malaysia's climate doesn't include the four seasons and is bright and sunny all year round. Delightful, no? I know, no.

I only have one thing to kvetch about (besides the deprivation of snow): The daunting task of figuring out gifts to get for my family. I always have this dilemma when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. It's irksome and kills my brain cells in the process. OK, maybe my parents are easy:

Dad: Wallet/Belt/Gym Gear/Other Man Stuff
Mom: Jewellery/Jewellery/Other Woman Stuff

But my 19-year-old brother the hermit? _________ (fill in here).

I have absolutely no clue as to what he wants or what I should get him for Christmas. He's computer savvy (I'm not) so gadgets are out of the question. And he has practically everything he wants. He doesn't care about fashion, music, books and the outside world. So if you have any idea, any at all, as to what I should get him this Christmas, I'm all ears; or rather, all eyes. Any idea of yours should be better than mine which is nil. I am 97.81% affirmative he isn't reading this blog so please help a damsel in distress (ahem, me) if you can. I am truly at my wits' end. Who knew my brother was one tough person to get a gift? Me, that's who.

I have started saving up for the Christmas presents. I refrained from buying a book in the bookstore earlier today. It truly was a miracle! I hope I can prolong this. Otherwise I would have to quit entering bookshops? Not gonna happen.

My brother woke up at 4PM today. I was beginning to suspect that he might be narcoleptic until I found out that he only slept at 7AM this morning and was awake throughout the night. He's got his day-night shift pathetically twisted.

My mother purchased two dumbbells that weigh 2kg each at the mall. They are pink in colour. That's all I have to say about it; the italics say the rest.

My parents are currently attending a masquerade while I am reading a book. Lucky folks. Not that I'm complaining.

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