Surprise! Me.

I just got back from a surprise party. For ME! It was in conjunction with my sixteenth birthday! The party was held at a friend's house.

I'm still at a loss for words. It was a surprise, alright. I nearly got a heart attack when my (phenomenal) friends jumped out from behind the fridge with a concerted yell SURPRISE! My mouth was probably hanging to the floor and my friends got a kick out of my bemused and astonished expression plastered on my face. I even jumped when they yelled SURPRISE! My friend wanted to pinch me to convince me that I wasn't dreaming.

My birthday was actually on the 26th of September but there was no way of celebrating it since there were finals. Thus, they chose to surprise me today. Everyone was in it -including my mother! I was the only one unaware of it; luckily, or it would have spoiled the surprise. I have to admit, I have never ever been this shocked in my life. I was usually a calm person; well, most of the time.

I had suspected that something was fishy when everyone kept asking me if I was free on Saturday (today) but a surprise birthday party NEVER crossed my mind at all. The sole reason I went to my friend's house was to do a get well card for an ailing pastor; according to her. Well, now I know that it was all made up. But we decided to do the card for the pastor -he was really sick- anyway in the end. I also did a card with an ice-cream cover since I had nothing to do whilst my perfectionist friend cut perfect circles for flowers.

We talked about almost everything from politics to crimes to cows' tails to ghosts to friends to movies to jokes. There were probably many more but I can't remember. I was having too good a time.

We ate McDonald's, ice-cream and I got a fourth birthday cake! It was chocolate and it was creamy -exactly my kind of cake.

This party reminded me of an essay I wrote about a girl who was upset because the people closest to her forgot her birthday but they were all along planning a surprise party for her. My friend reminded me that I was very much like that girl in my essay -only the people closest to me actually remembered my birthday.

In a nutshell, I had a blast with my wonderful and hilarious friends and this sixteenth surprise birthday party is definitely one for the books!

Thanks for one of the best days of my life, guys! You really got me this time.

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