Prologue: Sneak Preview of My Life

Introduction is important. So this is my introduction.

I initially poured my thoughts in my diary titled My Diary (it was on the cover, I couldn't change it) after I read The Princess Dairies by Meg Cabot. Fascinated by the idea of owning and writing in a diary, I rashly asked my brother to get me a diary last Christmas -bad decision-making on my part. Unfortunately, I only wrote in it once in a blue moon and the pages are still empty even though 9 months and 27 days have passed.

Therefore, I have resolved to blogging since it is free, permanent, doesn't take up space, not pink in colour and won't make me feel guilty for abandoning it once in a while.

Ergo, here I am. Moreover, this is a good way for me to retain my youthful thoughts and I can keep it for future references and cringe at my adolescent phase in life.


elisA elyssa said...

yeay!at last! ur here. hehehe
finally,a place to read more about each other besides friendster which u can't really write much. XD

Christine said...

hey!wow,you can write!anyway,interesting life stories.

Justine said...

You managed to view my blog! Yay! Haha. So can you! Thanks though!