Ear Tragedy

I slept with the earphones in my ear last night. I can't believe it. I am not usually so uncouth. The radio player (in my handphone) was in mute mode as I was reading a book. I forgot to unmute it and fell asleep without switching the radio off. I woke up this morning to find one side of the earphones still in my right ear and my handphone's battery bar dwindled -the radio was turned on the whole night but in mute.

Oh. And I woke up with an exruciating pain on my right ear. The piece of plastic was in my ear the whole time I was rolling and turning and lying on my face. My ear!

I probably won't be using earphones for a while. Headphones, maybe? No, too big.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining so thankfully the radio wasn't blasting in my ear the whole time; otherwise, my eardrums!

My right ear hurts.


elisA elyssa said...

hazel! ouch! painful ear! =)

Justine said...

Hazel? Who's Hazel? Not me.

elisA elyssa said...

lalala~ i dunno. she's umm..someone. haha xD