Curtsy Gone Awry

OK, so, I tried curtsying. It was a bad idea.

This was all the fault of the author of a book I was reading. It described the technique to curtsy in one part of the story. To quote part of it: Place your right toe behind your left heel, bend your head and do a deep knee bend with your left knee. Then lift yourself up and hold your back straight. It's as beautiful as a butterfly.

Well, let me tell you, I wasn't a butterfly at all. More like a caterpillar; struggling to emerge from a cocoon. Needless to say, I pretty much looked like I was in pain. I was in pain, actually. Both knees needed to be bent, not just the left one; I found this out later.

So there I was in solitude in my bedroom, curtsying with bending my left knee only. It hurt a tad.

But when I found out the more appropriate and painless way to curtsy -I saw it in a video- I tried it and it wasn't so bad...I hope!

Every girl should try curtsying at least once in a lifetime. But don't hurt yourself attempting it.

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