10 Questions You'd Like To Ask Me

Both the interviewer and interviewee are the same person: Me.

Tell me, why do you hate vegetables (and fruits)?
Well, I was raised to love vegetables. And forced in the process. Therefore, I detest it now. And I have a problem with chewing and swallowing them. Fruits are so...fruity.

And why in the world do you dislike pizza (and cheese)? Everyone loves them.
I'm not part of everyone. Cheese stink. Pizza is practically cheese. And I hate the toppings on it.

What is your favourite pastime?
I enjoy reading storybooks very much. And writing as well. I'm also a movie buff. I like reading, too. And perusing. Did I mention reading? Oh, drinking water, too. I'm always thirsty. And reading. I know, I'm annoying myself, too.

Since you love reading, do you like poetry?
That is a big fat NOPE. Shakespeare is in my list of people I find no interest in.

How do you see yourself in another twenty years?
I see myself clearly. Just kidding. I'd be an adult, flying planes, have written several good books, blogging and serving God. Married with kids, too. But my life is in God's hands.

Do you like hot or cold?
In terms of food, I like both. I like really cold stuff like ice cubes and really hot stuff like curry and chilli. In terms of weather, I love the cold. But I've never seen snow.

What's your favourite colour?
It's blue today. Probably purple tomorrow. Didn't have a favourite colour yesterday.

What's your favourite piece of clothing?
Uh, pajamas. I sleep a lot.

What's the best email you've ever received?
An email reply from one of my favourite authors, Melissa Kantor. I had a blissful week after that.

What's the worst email you've ever received?
Do I need to list all? The list is long. In a nutshell, all emails sent by my mother are the worst ones. If I were to follow all of the guidelines and be cautious about everything, I'd go senile. But I know she means good.

What are you allergic to?
Vegetables and fruits. Please tell my parents that. OK, I'm not allergic to anything, really.

It's a wrap.
Good. You're nosy.

Hah. I am you. So if I'm nosy, so are you. I mean, me. You. You-me.
Yeah. Yeah. Hush. Don't confuse me.

Disclaimer: No, I am not nuts. Just explaining myself a little better about some of my insane traits. Ha-ha. And there are actually 11 questions. But 10 is an even number and it sounds better to me.

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